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Alexandria University is making new progress in the global rankings of universities
Alexandria University has made new progress in the world rankings of universities among the top 200 universities from 44 countries worldwide in 2018 according to the world ranking of the oldest universities "Golden Age Universities" of the British ranking
(THE) - Times Higher Education.
Dr. Essam El Kordy, President of the University, said that the University of Alexandria came in the (151-200). This ranking includes universities that have been established for more than 50 years and less than 80 years. He added that this is the third time that the university has entered the international rankings in a month , which came in the British ranking of the universities of the emerging economies in 2018.
It has also made progress in the World Universities Rankings (CWUR) among the best universities in the world. This confirms the success of the University's plan to work towards achieving excellence. It is required to develop regulations and study systems, increase international cooperation and improve the level of scientific research. For comprehensive development, in line with the needs of the global market and industry and to achieve the progress of society and the national economy. The classification is based on the same indicators as the British ranking THE, including the quality of education, teaching, scientific research, scientific citations and influential in scientific research, and international relations, which is the international presence of faculty, international students and international cooperation in the field of scientific research and income from industry which represents the transfer of knowledge between scientific institutions and industry

والطلاب الوافدين والتعاون الدولي فى مجال البحوث العلمية، والدخل الوارد من الصناعة والذى يمثل نقل المعرفة بين المؤسسات العلمية والصناعة.

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     Dr. Essam El-Kordi, President of Alexandria University, congratulated the winners of the state awards from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Supreme Council of Culture the seven faculty members, Dr. Sherif Hussein Abdel Razek Qandil from the High Institute of Graduate Studies & Research. He won the State Award for Advanced Technological Sciences (Basic Sciences), Dr. Shibal Badran Professor of Education, who won the State Award in Social Sciences, Dr. Abdul Salam Abu Qahf Professor at the Faculty of Commerce, and Dr. Said Saad Bader Professor of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, who won the State Prize for excellence in the arts. Dr. Hossam Osama Mohammed Nageeb Al Ansari, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, won the State Encouragement Award in Science and Advanced Technological Sciences, And Dr. Marwa Adel Abdul Latif Ragab, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, who won the State Encouragement Award of advanced science and technological sciences (medical science).

     The President of the University, during his meeting with the winners, stressed that they represent an honorable image of the scientists at the University of Alexandria, pointing out that the state awards are a tribute to all researchers and scientists for their research that serves the research system in Egypt. He called on the university president to continue to exert more efforts and enrich scientific research.

The winners also thanked the university administration and its leaders for the support they provide to encourage researchers to play their role in accordance with the university's strategy to enter the international classifications.

     Dr. Mohammed Ismail, Vice President of Matruh Branch, and Dr. Mokhtar Yousef, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, attended the ceremony.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
                                             After Greetings,,,
Based on what has been provided to us by Mr. Mokhtar Ibrahim Yousef, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, on the Alexandria University Graduates Conference entitled:
The first meeting of the graduates of Alexandria University
(Towards sustainable communication)
From 23 to 25 November 2018
 At the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
We are honored to provide you with the following:
1- The names of distinguished graduates in the Faculty of Science - Alexandria University, their workplaces and the method of communication - (phone and email)
2. The research groups that the faculty or supporting body wishes to work on and join (energy, water, health, agriculture and food, protection of the environment and natural resources, technological and engineering applications, strategic industries, genomics and glycoproteutics, geomatics).
3 - The creation of a research group in a different specialization not listed in this list.
The e-mails are collected by the department and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deadline is Thursday, 14 June 2018.
With thanks and appreciation

Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President of Alexandria University for Education and Student Affairs, inspected the final exams activities in the Faculty of Arts. Dr. Gaber tour was in presence of Dr. Ghada Mousa, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Sameh Al Ansari and Dr. Naglaa Abu Agag the faculty's deputies. The visit included the Unit of Assessment and Evaluation in the faculty to follow up the electronic exams for blind and the visually impaired people which is conducted for the first time in Alexandria University. Dr. Gaber also visited the Center of Blind People in to ascertain the degree of satisfaction of blind students who were given the opportunity to answer the test by themselves and without need to bring companion for help.

Total number of 19 blind students from three departments attended the exams out of a total of 70 students in the academic year 2017-2018.The experiment will be generalized for all departments over the next three years.

Dr. Hisham Gaber stressed the university keenness to complete the inspection tours to follow the progress of examinations in all faculties. He also stated that the university is studying the latest developments for the exam mechanisms to improve the university level to international rankings.

Dr. Ghada Mousa said that the Faculty of Arts had promised during the celebration of the International Day of the Blind to conduct this experiment in this year. She added that it took two months to train the blind students on these tests.