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The Ambassador of Tanzania Isa Soliman Nassor participated in the meeting of the Community Services and Environment Development Council in Alexandria University. The meeting was headed by Dr. Abdel Aziz Konswa, the Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Services and Environment Development.

The Ambassador thanked Alexandria University for medical convoy headed by Dr. Saber Waheeb, the Professor of Pediatric Surgery in Alexandria University. Mr. Soliman stated his desire to establish hospital in Zanzibar for pediatric surgery in cooperation with Alexandria University.

The ambassador praised the medical convoy which checked more than 120 case and conducted more than 59 surgery for birth defects children.

Mr. Nassor presented honor shield to Dr. Konswa for the university efforts and Dr. Konswa honored the medical team of the convoy and gave them appreciation certificates.


A group of Egyptian and Chinese students who are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University participated in the gallery of cultural heritage in Shanghai diary held Alexandria Bibliotheca. The gallery was visited by Dr. Mohamed Sultan, the Governor of Alexandria, Dr. Abdel Aziz Konsowa, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environment Development and number of teaching staff from the Faculty of Arts.

Dr. Ghada Mosa, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, declared that this gallery is an important event within the series of cultural events between Egypt and China generally and Alexandria and Shanghai particularly. She declared that the gallery contributes in improving the understanding and friendship between the two countries. The gallery combined 120 of artistic and craft works which was presented by the stakeholders of culture heritage in Shanghai.


The President of Alexandria University has recently received Dr. Ahmed El Masry the Head of the Department of Opthalmology and chief of the convoy travelled to Kericho in Kenya and the accompanied delegation. Dr. Masry presented the results of the convoy and how many operations were performed. He also explained the plan of establishing a medical center in Kenya for this purpose which will be managed and equipped by the university.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ahmed Othman the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Ibrahim Hegab the Advisor for African Affairs.



Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El Kordi participated in the information day held on Wednesday 5 September 2018 to present the study programs provided by Ocean County College in cooperation with the university. These came under the signed protocol between the two sides to establish community colleges in Egypt.

Dr. Kordi said that Alexandria University leads a scientific revolution through signed agreements for openness to world universities and help students to build their future and meet the labor market requirements worldwide. Dr. Kordi added that the official procedures to activate these agreements will be finished before the start of the new academic year while registration in the new programs will begin on 1/10/2018. He declared that the agreements allow the Egyptian students to obtain a certificate after studying for two years and to continue the study in Alexandria University or one of the American universities for another two years where the student will obtain 3 certificates, one from Ocean college after two years, the second from Alexandria University and the last one from an American university.

Dr. Kordi stated that the new programs are considered unique in Alexandria University as it contains technological and modern science fields in addition to an objective to like the community with the university. He described such step as a qualitative development in the university education system and a base for the community colleges in Egypt.

The university president indicated that the universities during the coming fifteen years will not be as traditional as currently cause the labor market will not be traditional, where the universities will be electronic and the "education will be learning".

In this contest, Dr. Maysa Abu Youssef the vice president of Ocean County College for Foreign Affairs said that building communities is carried out by education and economy. She added that this agreement was signed with Alexandria University to produce a global student compatible with the international labor market as the student will obtain three certificates

Dr. Hisham Gaber the vice president of Alexandria University for Education and Students Affairs said that the agreement complies with the university policy of thinking out the box to develop the student's skills and experience during their study to build graduates able to meet the labor market needs.

Dr. Mokhtar Youssef the vice president of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies Affairs said that the agreement is considered as qualitative step in the university education system as it allows contacting with the global. He added that announcement for these programs will be sent to all faculties.

Dr. Sayed El Siefy; the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce said that the agreement will gran Alexandria University pioneering. He added that there will be high demand for registration in these programs by the beginning of the academic year as it allows students to study in the American universities ranked first in the world.













AU President Dr. Essam El Kurdi has recently received the mission headed by Dr. Ahmed El Masry that shall travel to Kenia within a convoy for community service for one week and to perform 120 surgical operation in ophthalmology.

Dr. Kurdi emphasized the university concern about the state instructions to support the African countries through medical convoys and establishment of hospitals in some countries in addition to providing training for young doctors. He also announced for a medical convoy to Guinea Conakry in coming October followed by another one to Tanzania.

Dr. Abdel Aziz Konswa said that the convoy consists of 7 Professors and 13 assistant with prompt tools and equipment required for surgical operation.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ibrahim Rehab the Advisor of AU President for African affairs.