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The Minister of Awqaf Dr. Mokhtar Gomaa, Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kordy and Secretary General of the League of Islamic Universities Dr. Gaafar Abdel Salam inaugurated the International Scientific Conference on the Role of Islamic Economics and Finance in Development. The conference was opened on Wednesday 25/4/2018 and organized by AU in cooperation with the League of Islamic Universities. The conference was held under auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the President of the League Dr. Abdullah Al Turki.

The conference activities continued for three days 25-27 April 2018, with the participation of Dr. Sayed Al-Saifi; Dean of the Faculty of Commerce in addition to the presidents and vice presidents of universities, deans, faculty members guests from Islamic countries. The attendants discussed 25 researches from universities around the world to shed light on the tools of the Islamic economy and finance and its role in achieving suitable level of living for all society members and achieving the comprehensive economic development of Islamic countries.

In his speech, Dr. Mokhtar Gomaa praised the conference goal to find practical solutions to our contemporary issues. He stressed the necessity of activating the role of the League of Islamic Universities to confront extremism and radicalism and renew religious discourse through new reading and the realization of reason in our contemporary issues. The minister suggested reconsidering the current name of the League to become the League of Universities and Institutions of Islamic Countries and setting new criteria for accepting universities.

In his speech, Dr. Kordi pointed to the importance of the conference, which comes to express the world need to activate the role of Islamic economy and finance. He described the conference as a scientific event that brings together research and scientific opinions of researchers and professors from Arab and Islamic universities specialized in the fields of Islamic economics and finance. He also stressed the importance of other topics such as the Islamic Awqaf and its role in sustainable human development and supporting small projects to overcome poverty and unemployment and other topics that make this international conference an important addition to the scientific role of the League of Islamic Universities.

Dr. Sayed Al-Saifi; Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Conference Rapporteur pointed out the policy of financial inclusion that the state is seeking to undertake that requires total financial and economic reforms through the Islamic banking base as the Islamic finance contributes to raising spending and diversifying sources of government revenues. He added that the conference comes in line with the vision of the Egyptian government in 2030. Dr. Al-Saifi thanked Alexandria University Council chaired by Dr. Essam El-Kurdi for adopting the faculty proposal to establish an Islamic Finance Center like the existing centers around the world.

In his speech, Dr. Rashed El-Alewy from Qassim University talked about the importance of the conference to activate the role of the Islamic economy and finance to find funding formulas compatible with the Islamic concept to solve the economic problems.

Dr. Gaafar Abdel Salam; the Secretary General of the League of Islamic Universities explained that the Islamic economy is a refuge for many economic problems as the conference discussed various topics in this regards.

The Executive Council of the League of Islamic Universities headed by the Secretary General Dr. Gaafar Abdel Salam during its session on Wednesday 25/4/2018 decided to add Alexandria University to the executive council of the league as one of the 20 universities forming the council.

AU President Dr. Essam El Kurdi attended the meeting of the executive council followed the opening of the scientific conference organized by the university in collaboration with the league. The scientific conference is entitled "World need to activate the role of Islamic economy and finance".

It is worth to mention that the League of Islamic Universities has membership of 200 universities and scientific research institutions from all over the world. It also provides studies in Arabic in all Islamic sciences and scientific researches. 

Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El Kurdi and vice-president Dr. Hisham Gaber honored the students who won the prizes of the contest "Start by yourself". The contest was organized by the University in collaboration with the Administrative Control Authority under supervision of the Minister of Higher Education. The event will be held on 26/4/2018 in the conferences hall in the Faculty of Nursing.

On Monday 23/4/2018, Alexandria University Vice President for Education and Students Affairs Dr. Hisham Gaber participated in the opening of "Sports Day of the Egyptian universities". The activities started by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar through video conference. The event comes under the slogan "The University has sport" at the same time in all the Egyptian universities.

The events began with the national anthem then a march for the students and faculty members. The activities included a lot of sport games in the playground of the Faculty of Engineering.


As part of the celebration of the World Earth Day in Alexandria University, the Faculty of Science organized a celebration entitled "Drop of water equal life" on Sunday morning, 22/4/2018 at Zewail auditorium in El Shatby.

Dr. Mohammed Ismail, AU Vice President for Matruh branch made the opening statement on behalf of the Rector Dr. El-Kordi. Dr. Ismail said that the Earth Day is an occasion for millions of people around the world to renew their commitment to preserve the environment, especially with increasing industrial and technological progress. He added that Alexandria University is interested in these issues because of its scientific and research expertise in the field of environmental sciences. He pointed out that event topic is one of the most important issues facing the country as Egypt suffers from severe shortage of water. He added that the university participated in many studies, researches and national projects contributing in development of the country such as the projects of Mahmudia axis, Mustafa Kamel Bridge and the Bashair Al Khair.

Alexandria University Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development Dr. Abdel Aziz Qonswa stated that the environment sustainability is not a luxury, as the state seeks to develop many national projects. Dr. Qonswa talked about Egypt’s share of water coming from the Nile and indicated the importance of rationalize water consumption and to use modern technology in irrigation, agriculture and wastewater treatment, and the establishment of desalination plants.

Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Dean of the Faculty of Science said that the purpose of the event is to guide everyone to know the seriousness of water shortage, rationalize consumption, and raise awareness of environmental issues and natural resources preservation. He thanked all attendees from companies, businessmen and governmental bodies.