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The President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El Kurdi participated in the activities of the 14th round of the Higher Education Summit 2018 in India. The activities were held in the period from 30-Oct to 1-Nov-2018 in New Delhi with participation of Presidents of Egyptian universities and 247 delegations from 63 countries.

Dr. Kurdi declared that this event aims to develop the strategic partnership in education between India and other countries. He added that the activities included an exhibition for the Indian universities and higher education institutions. Also an international conference was organized with participation of 1200 professors from India, Africa, MENA, Canada, USA and UK.


In the frame of strengthen relationships with Nile Basin Countries, Dr. Mokhtar Youssef the Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate Studies and Research called the faculties deputies to increase the number of foreign students from Basin Countries and to eliminate all obstacles. This came during the session of Graduates and Research Studies Council on 16th of October, 2018.

Dr. Mokhtar stressed on the importance of mechanization of all Graduate Studies and Research departments in all faculties and institutes in the university.

 The Council of Graduate Studies and Research reviewed the resolutions of the Supreme Council of Universities not to collect any extra tuition from foreign students and also the foreign student who obtained scholarships will not pay any tuition fees.


The President of Alexandria University Dr. Essam El Kurdi received Mrs. Jiao Lee Biengh the General Consul of China in Alexandria. The Consul visited the university to consolidate the cooperation relations upon her new position.

Dr. Essam congratulated Mrs. Jiao on the new position and wished her all success and emphasized the historical relations between the two countries. He added that Alexandria University is the first university to sign the agreement of belt and road in 2017 that combines universities from 51 country with an objective of enhancing coordination and integration between the all sides. He also highlighted the inauguration of the Chinese language section in the Faculty of Arts.

 The Chinese Consul said that the relationships between Egypt and China has been developed through the last years especially after the visit of President El Sisi to China and signing agreements of mutual cooperation and studying the idea of Confucius institute in Alexandria University to expand the frame of cooperation and increase cultural exchange between the two countries.  

Dr. Hisham Gaber the vice president of the University for Education and Students Affairs underlined the possibility to make use of the job fair that will be organized in December and inviting the Chinese companies to provide training opportunities for the university students.

The university vice president for Graduate Studies and Research emphasized the cooperation in scientific researches and scholarships provided by the Chinese universities to the Egyptian students especially in the medical fields.



Dr. Essam El Kordi, the President of Alexandria University received Dr. Ghon Larson, the President of Ocean County College, Dr. Mayssa Abo Yousef, Vice President of Ocean College for International Affairs and their delegation to review the procedures to start study in the community faculties in five disciplines according to the cooperation protocol between the two sides in signed last August.

Dr. El Kordi emphasized the importance of developing this unique model of community faculties which meet the labor market and provide training for the students in practical life.

Dr. Larson was pleased to apply the idea of community faculties in Egypt as a starting point for students to study different fields of modern technical science.

Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President of Alexandria University for Students and Education Affairs stressed that this is a unique model of education which will allow the student to choice study system freely.

Dr. Mayssa Abo Yousef pointed that the study will be in English language and Ocean College will develop the study programs and oversea training process.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Mokhtar Youssef, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduates and Research, Dr. Hatem Aqul, Vice President of Ocean College for Education Projects Affairs, Dr. Hanan Al Saied, the Electronic Education Manager in Ein Shams University and the coordinator of this project and number of Deans and faculty members in the faculty of Engineering, Commerce and Science.     



Within the framework of Alexandria University efforts to strengthen its relations with the foreign universities and institutions, the university President Dr. Essam El Kordy received Dr. Claudine Dussolier from Aix Marseillef University, Dr. Rashida Dewany the supervisor of the Applied Languages in the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Reim Hafez the coordinator of the program and Dr. Ghada El Khayat the Head of the division of information systems in the Faculty of Commerce. The meeting discussed the new cooperation projects between the two universities that include mutual scientific degrees with the French university and exchanging students. The attendants also discussed the possibility to establish a mutual bachelor degree in information systems.

Dr. Essam El Kordy stated his support to enhance the cooperation and to create new projects between the two universities especially that the Aix Marseille University has a frame agreement with Alexandria University and the two sides had cooperated through many projects with the Faculty of Fine Arts.

During the meeting, Dr. Claudine Dussolier invited Dr. Kordy to visit France in November to attend the conference of international activities between Alexandria PACA district where it is intended to sign the agreement between the two universities.