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Alexandria University headed by AU President Dr. Essam El Kurdi, announces its full support to the comprehensive confrontation plan which was announced by the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior to launch on Friday 9 February 2018 to confront terrorist and criminal elements in the beloved Sinai and other parts of the Republic.

The University appreciates the precious sacrifices made by the Armed Forces men along with the brave policemen to root out the forces of evil and darkness and defeat their malicious plans in that threat the security of citizens. Alexandria University as a president, deputies, professors, employees and students expresses its full solidarity with the heroics of the army and police in their efforts to eradicate the black terrorism.

Dr. Essam El Kurdi announces that the university is setting up all its capabilities to serve the homeland people from the armed forces, the police and civilians. He also declared that degree of readiness was raised for all departments and specialties in the university hospitals in line with current events.

God save Egypt's leadership and people....


 In the context of Alexandria University's keenness to provide medical services to the people of Alexandria through a series of periodical medical convoys, the university organized a convoy to El-Labban district Friday morning 16/2/2018 headed by Dr. Abdel Moneim Fawzy. The medical convoy was under the auspices of Dr. Essam El-Kurdi, President of Alexandria University and Dr. Khaled Abdul Aziz, Minister of Youth and Sports.

The convoy examined the children with full treatment free of charge and performed the necessary tests and analysis to check on people health in addition to measuring pressure and sugar for a large number of patients for the purpose of early detection of diabetes and high blood pressure and provided health advice and guidance to the specialized clinics.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Fawzi said that the convoy was co-organized by the Youth Care Administration and included   Medical clinics in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, dermatology and pharmacy. Dr. Fawzy declared that a total of 387 medical records were performed    Including 84 children , 75 women and 53 dentistry in addition to the early detection of pressure, sugar and hepatitis C virus of 241 patients. Also the health education team held seminars on a number of health issues to sensitize the patients and their families.

Dr. Hamida Abu Shalib, the Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy stated that 400 prescriptions were provided by Farco, Pharaonic and El Borg pharmaceutical companies.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El Kurdi, on the afternoon of 7/2/2018, received the delegation of the University of Song Yat-Sen, China.

During the meeting the two sides discussed ways of cooperation especially for student exchanges, cooperation through joint degrees in the medical fields and the establishment of the department of Chinese Language and Literature in the Faculty of Arts-Alexandria University that shall receive students starting from the next academic

The delegation attended a seminar organized the Faculty of Arts under title "The image of China in the eyes of the Arabs in North Africa as a model". The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Department of Arabic Language, where a documentary film about the Egyptian tourist sites by Chinese eyes was prepared by Chinese students at the Center for Teaching Arabic Language for Foreigners in the Faculty of Arts.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ghada Mousa Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Dr. Nahed Abdullah Professor of Literature and Translation in the Faculty of Alsun - Ain Shams University

Protocol of cooperation between the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels (University of Alexandria- Branch Matrouh) and Comsys software

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdo Ibrahim, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matrouh Branch, and Prof. Dr. Dalal Abdel Hady, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Matrouh, met with Mr. Hisham Dargham, the Board of Directors of the company Comsys Software on Monday 29/1/2018. The Board of Directors of the company Comsys Software, Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein - Director of Human Resources, Mr. / Said Zaazo from the training department to agree on a protocol of cooperation between the parties to train students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - University of Alexandria - Matrouh Branch. And meet the requirements of the era of competencies to use modern technology and information systems, especially in the field of hotels.

The Vice President of Matrouh Branch said that the branch is keen on supporting practices to improve the quality and efficiency of the educational process. In addition to increasing the interest in practical courses and training field to become a prerequisite for graduation. Therefore, this protocol is an important step in the history of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Matrouh to serve as a starting point for serving the local community and providing training service to all tourist villages and hotels in the region.

Prof. Dr. Dalal Abdel Hady, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, confirmed that this cooperation is an excellent step to provide specialized vocational training in hotel management software systems ULTRA, which is reflected in the quality of practical training in the faculty, which is keen on the university to graduate a distinguished student in all aspects of tourist activity.

For his part, Hisham Dargham, Chairman of Comsys Software said that this protocol aims to implement a distinguished academic and professional cooperation project which contribute to supporting academic and educational cooperation activities and spreading knowledge expertise in the field of hotel management between Matrouh branch and Comsys Software.

Prof. Mohamed Ismail Abdu, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matrouh Branch, said that was signed a cooperation protocol between Misr Al-Khair Foundation and Matrouh University to support the university hostel in Matrouh branch with some necessary needs and equipments such as (heaters, mattresses, filters, and furniture) for expatriate students with a total amount of LE 100.000 in order to create a good educational and residential environment within the university hostel.