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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, congratulated the researchers who won the Hamdan - ALECSO Award for Distinguished Educational Research in its twenty-sixth edition for the year 2023, which was announced by the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Educational Performance, where The research submitted by Dr. Nermin Awni Mohamed, Professor of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, and Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdelhadi, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, entitled: “The Impact of a Program based on the Principles of Education for Sustainability in Developing Awareness of Climate Change and the Values of Environmental Citizenship among Middle School Students in Slum Areas.”
It is worth noting that the competition was attended by seventeen Arab countries, and resulted in the victory of three papers out of a total of 146 participating papers from all over the Arab world. It aims to encourage research and disseminate it in the field of education by highlighting the importance of the role of researchers in developing educational thought and educational planning to empower educators through formulating good and balanced education that contributes to reducing the knowledge gap between developed and developing societies.

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Dr. Saeed Allam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, confirmed that the university has formed a committee to document the university’s buildings and heritage holdings within the cultural heritage project of Alexandria University, and that a large folder is being prepared containing all of the university’s cultural heritage, in addition to establishing a unit to manage its cultural heritage. This came during the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Council meeting.
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The Vice President of the University, stressed to the vice-deans the need for the occupational safety and health units in the university’s faculties to review all safety procedures during the winter period, review all roofs, electricity cables, windows, and rainwater drainage points, and complete all necessary maintenance work to avoid any potential risks.
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The Council agreed to form an expanded committee of vice-deans to prepare and participate in the criteria for the green classification of universities, as well as the next edition of the Supreme Council of Universities competition to choose the best environmentally friendly university.
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The Council reviewed the report submitted by Dr. Walid Abdelazim, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, regarding the hearing session on developing and increasing the capacity of the Western Purification Plant for sewage treatment with the aim of protecting Lake Mariout and the Mediterranean Sea from pollution, in addition to benefiting from treated wastewater in agricultural work in the New Delta.
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The Council discussed the formation of a committee to coordinate the work of Alexandria University’s research farms in the tenth village of Abis, in order to maximize the use of the university’s resources, in coordination between the Faculties of Agriculture in both El-Shatby and Saba Pasha campuses.
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The Council reviewed the report submitted by the Faculty of Medicine on the faculty’s organization of an awareness campaign against the dangers of drug addiction at Alexandria Sporting Club, as well as the organization of a book fair in the educational sector at Al-Mowasat Hospital for faculty members, students and workers to display a variety of various cultural, artistic and scientific books at reduced prices.
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The Council reviewed the report submitted by the Faculty of Education on organizing a workshop to activate the community participation of universities in the population issue in preparation for participation in the World Conference on Population, Health, and Development 2024, as well as the number of literacy classes that were registered during the months of November and December 2023.
The Council reviewed the report submitted by Dr. Sameh Nakhla, Director of the University’s Measurement and Evaluation Centre, on the digital transformation at Alexandria University’s different faculties, where digital transformation projects for measurement and evaluation were presented in the faculties of Tourism and Hotels, Physical Education for Boys, and Physical Education for Girls, funded by the Higher Education Development Projects Management Unit.
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The Board of Trustees of the faculties and institutes of Alexandria University, headed by Mr. Mohamed Fathi Abul-Nasr, Secretary-General of the University, reviewed the the importance of continuing examination monitoring and control work in the various faculties of the University until the results of the end of the first semester exams are announced with the same quality of outstanding performance.
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 The Secretary General of the University also stressed the efforts needed to assist faculty leaders in preparing to participate in the Best University Competition in the Republic, for which evaluation criteria will be set by the Supreme Council of Universities, to ensure first place in this important competition.
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 In the presence of Dr. Nabil Allam, Director of the Anti-Addiction Fund in Alexandria, and Dr. Amira Zaki, former dean of the Faculty of Science, the Council reviewed the measures it is taking in this regard, pointing out the organization of awareness seminars and periodic campaigns to detect and ensure the safety of all workers.
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Alexandria University’s Council of Graduate Studies and Research, headed by Dr. Hisham Saeed, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, discussed in its session held today, Tuesday 23 January 2024, the challenges facing scientific publishing in international journals for researchers. Dr. Saeed confirmed that Alexandria University gives this issue the utmost importance because it is one of the main criteria in universities ranking. He also stressed that faculty representatives need to monitor the obstacles to international publishing facing researchers, identify their suggestions, and try to overcome them.
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Dr. Saeed pointed out the need to organize seminars and workshops in faculties that aim to enhance and raise the efficiency of scientific research at Alexandria University and improve the quality of scientific publishing in major specialized journals. He added that journals that have an international classification have global recognition among various academic institutions, in addition to providing various services for researchers, especially with regard to evaluating their scientific research.
Dr. Saeed urged researchers at Alexandria University on the necessity of publishing in international periodicals and magazines to provide the opportunity to obtain scholarships in international universities, and also obtain the necessary funding to complete their research studies. A brief overview was also presented during the council meeting about the scientific periodicals and magazines issued by Alexandria University, amounting to 37 scientific journals in different disciplines, as well as how to develop and advance them.
 The Council approved a memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University and the Military Medical Academy in the fields of research, education, training and community service within the scope of health care, and a memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Engineering) Department of Marine Engineering and Ship Architecture and the National University of Science and Technology, International Maritime College Oman (IMCO), and a memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Pharmacy) and Saarland University in Germany. The Council also approved the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University and Zhejiang Yuxiu University of Foreign Studies in China.

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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, received a delegation from Kent State University, Ohio, USA. The delegation included Dr. Marcello Fantoni, Vice President of Kent State University for Global Education, and Dr. Pacifique Niyonzima, Director of African Affairs at Kent State University, to discuss ways of research and academic cooperation in various scientific fields, as well as studying the establishment of an international branch of Kent State University in Alexandria.
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In his speech, Dr. Konsowa stressed Alexandria University’s keenness to support scientific and academic cooperation relations with American universities, pointing out that Alexandria University has adopted an ambitious and inspiring strategic plan that seeks cooperation with international universities that have prestigious reputation through the establishment of joint academic programs and degrees. He explained that the meeting discussed the possibility of cooperation through establishing joint academic degrees with the Faculty of Business, research cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering, and sending researchers from Alexandria University to join research teams at Kent State University, as well as the possibility of Alexandria University joining the academic alliance established by Kent State University in cooperation with other universities.
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The meeting also discussed establishing an international branch of Kent State University at the Alexandria University campus in Borg El Arab, to provide distinguished higher education in a competitive framework that enables new graduates to have the ability to join the local and international labour market, and to possess the skills and abilities that qualify them for that. Dr. Konsowa pointed out that this approach comes within the framework of the university’s interest in implementing the mandates of the President of the Republic, paying attention to international partnerships to achieve the goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy.
While Dr. Marcello Fantoni stressed his university’s keenness to support and strengthen relations with Egyptian universities, especially Alexandria University, which has distinguished educational programs, explaining that Kent State University is ranked highly in the state of Ohio in the United States of America. He added that Kent State University has international branches around the world and has many different and unique scientific specializations. Dr. Fantoni promised to convey the vision of Alexandria University towards the proposed cooperation to take the necessary measures and steps towards activating this cooperation.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Hesham Saeed, Vice President of Alexandria University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr. El-Sayed El-Seifi, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Dr. Essam Wahba, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Gihan Gewaifel, Assistant to the University President for International University Branch Affairs, Dr. Boshra Salem, Assistant to the University President for University Classification, Dr. Sameh Shehata, Supervisor of the Office of International Relations at Alexandria University, Dr. Omnia Yacout, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Sherine Adel, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science, during which they reviewed the joint programs and degrees in their faculties in cooperation with various international universities, and the international degrees to be established, as well as the university’s vision towards internationalization, its goal, and the steps it took to achieve this goal.
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