Libraries are the mind of the educational institution and its memory; thus If the institution mind elevated, everything elevated, and researcher can’t provide any new unless he wasn’t aware and knowledgeable of further research and theories through research and study in order to start from where others have ended.

Library site and space:

The library is located in the third floor of the administrative building on an area of ​​35 m × 10 m which is a one room divided into three spaces (reading - hall for shelves of books and periodicals - the third hall for meetings of scientific committees and theses).

Units and shelves:

The library contains 28 tables and about 65 chairs and has been repaired all desks, chairs and repainted it.

The library contains:

7 shelving units for scientific periodicals

4 shelving units for books and references

1 unit for theses

The number of students:

233 Graduate students

220 Master’s students

50 PhD students

And the number of visitors to the library 50 visitors from within the Institute, University and other universities daily.

The library has a registration system for visitors and has done monthly statistics and records for internal and external borrowing (Attachment 1).


4 pc.

2 laser printer.

1 barcode machine.

1 port 8 switch

3 Office for employees


References and periodicals:

4460 English book.

214 Arabic books.

590 Theses.

197 periodicals.

5 encyclopedias.

33 Dictionaries of English, French and Russian.

4 Atlas of the world, America and Atlas of scientific Solar and photographer biological atlas.

5 maps.

Development services using information technology

The Supreme Council of Universities adopts several projects for the development of university education and upgrading the educational process after finding the Egyptian universities themselves in an unenviable position where did not mention any university in the list of the first 500 University in the world. Note that our neighboring countries have 7 universities classified at the global level, and so it was seeking to catch up with this hard and sustained race.

In pursuit of the Council to enhance the performance in university libraries, the Union of University Libraries decided to evaluate several projects for the development of university libraries and this diagram illustrates this sequence.

Scientific list of the most important theses in the library

1. Isolation Of Antifungal Compounds from Local Non Pathogenic Bacteria

2. Molecular Diagnosis For Indentifying Plant Rot Diseases Case

Study:Erwinia Group

3. Remediation Of Marine Sites from Crude Oil Contamination Using

Different Degradation Technology:Case Study Red Sea

4. Developing The Environmental Concepts And Attitudes Of Mildly

Retarded Children

5. The Possible Protective Role Of Bee-Propolis as Antioxidants Against

Hazardous Effects Of Triphenyltin On Productive And Reproductive

Performance Of Rabbits

6. Management Of Industrial Water and Wastewater in Petrochemicals


7. Hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity of paracetamol and diclofenac: A

study on the role of some antioxidants as protective agents

8. towards Evaluating The Natural Resources To Support Land Use

Decisions Using Remote Sensing And Geographical Information System

Techniques.Case Study:Ras Mohamed National Park

9. Preparation and characterization of cellulose acetate- Ployethylene

Glycol as Ultrafiltration Membranes

10. Evaluation Of Chloride Ion Penetration Of Concrete

11. Use of Some Plants As Corrosion Inhibitors For Cooling Water Systems

12. Biodegradation Of Surfactants from Contaminated Marine Water

13. Role Of Bioactive Extracts from Some Yemeni And Saudi Medicinal

Plants As Antimicrobial And/Or Antioxidant Agent

An Environmental Study On Bioremediation of Crude Oil

Contaminated Soil In Situ

15.An Environmental Study On Persistent ORganic POllutants In Lake


16. Treatment Of Wastewater in Chemistry Administration Laboratories in


17. Construction And Evaluation Of a Conjugate Vaccine for the

Prevention of Speticemia

18. Molcular And Immunological Study on Breast Cancer Patients

19. The association of cyclin D1 genetic pholymorphism with suseptibility to

human cancer

20. Possibility of Pollution prevention and abatement in new Borg el Arab

Industrial City