The Branch of Alexandria University at the Chadian capital, in "Anjamena" is considers the first Egyptian university in the African region, and so out of keenness of the University to deepen and strengthen Egyptian relations, with the countries of the African continent politically, economically and culturally. This branch includes the faculties of Agriculture, and Pharmacy, and receives 200 African students from countries of Chad, and some neighboring countries that lack such this specializations, and study in both Arabic and French languages.

Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa collaborates with Alexandria University; through the provision of support to send faculty members from the university, and to treat them as experts for the Fund in Chad State; to carry out teaching and scientific research.

The University is tending to establish a typical farm; for the training of African students on modern agriculture, according to the latest scientific systems and the application of biotechnology in the development of agriculture in line with environmental and climatic conditions in these areas, and begin apply this study on rice as a main source of food.

The General Coordinator for University branch in Chad / Dr. Yehya 
Abdul Samiea.