The number of research projects in the faculties of Alexandria University during 2014/2015 was about 86 projects, of which 23 projects with international funding and 63 projects with local funding.

The highest number of local research projects was in the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research (14 projects) and the Faculty of Science and Pharmacy (11 projects). As for international research projects, the Faculty of Science ranked the first place with about 6 international European projects followed by the Faculty of Arts with 4 international projects and 3 international projects for the High Institute of Public Health, Medical Research and the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research.

The total number of projects financed by local projects amounted to 89 million Egyptian pounds, while the total international research projects amounted to 126 million pounds.

The top faculties in financing local projects funded were the Faculty of Science (about 58 million pounds), followed by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research with a value of 13 million Egyptian pounds. The highest faculties in the financing of international projects were the Faculty of Agriculture with an amount of 80 million Egyptian pounds, followed by the Faculty of Science (20 million pounds) and the Institute of Medical Research (18 million Egyptian pounds).

Guidelines to apply for research projects

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