About the Library

Faculty of Nursing library works on the development of the educational process in various areas to promote students' abilities and develop their theoretical and scientific cognitive and as its objectives is the development of the educational academicpath.

Since the establishment of the Higher Institute of Nursing in 1954, the library was established. In 1994, the Higher Institute of Nursing was converted to the Faculty of Nursing and since that time a continuous work has been done to build and develop the infrastructure for a modern library and latest technology in using the library and to be based on the basis of utilizing the latest systems (technological) to display and present information to meet the demands of research for nursing students and researchers.

In 2007 the digital library project was installed in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities that supplied the digital library with 16,500 books, periodicals and reports and about 16 specialized databases all can be subscribed in via the digital library.

The library is indexing its property using the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and then with the Dewey Decimal System edition 21.

Also the materials are classified using the Library of Congress classification system.

The information technology and computer skills become the most important part in the scientific life and complying with this, the library sought to provide its information services depending on the latest technology, whether in documentation or in the information retrieval service depending on the digital library .

Science Direct – Springer – ProQuest – Wiley Black Well – Ebsco – Ovid

A group of library specialists help researchers to reach what they search for as the library always seeks to combine the best of trained human elements, also specialists seeks to refine their research skills continuously to provide better services for researchers and library visitors also provides computers connected to the university network which enable review the various global databases and the most important are:

Science Direct - Springer - ProQuest - Wiley Black Well - Ebsco - Ovid

Services provided by the library 

The library provides its services from 8:30 Am to 5:00 Pm.

The library makes Bibliographic lists with its properties to help researcher in searching easily.

The library provides all global database sources through the digital library.

Provide undergraduate and graduate studies exams in previous years.

Allow external borrowing for undergraduate, graduate studies students and staff members.

Allow external borrowing for library visitors. 

· The library provides services to staff members, researchers and library visitors from out side of the faculty or from other universities according to a specific system and permissions to visit the library benefit from available information in the library.

The library seeks to obtain the latest resources that serve the educational process for faculty students. 

Faculty of Nursing Library