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Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, and under the supervision of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector headed by Dr. Saeed Allam, Vice President of the University, and within the framework of the university’s role in serving the areas most in need, Alexandria University organized a comprehensive medical convoy to El-Wadi village in the King Mariout area, in cooperation with Inner Wheel Alexandria Capital and Inner Wheel Sporting organizations, to provide medical services to the people of the region.
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Dr. Wafa El-Sehli, professor at the Faculty of Medicine and rapporteur of the university’s convoy committee, stated that the convoy witnessed the medical examination of a large number of cases from the village’s people, explaining that the total number of cases that were examined amounted to 637 cases, distributed as follows: 61 gynaecology cases, 92 dermatology cases, 92 internal medicine, 110 paediatrics, 49 otorhinolaryngology, 91 orthopaedics, 83 dental cases, and 59 ophthalmia. She added that several cases were transferred to the main university hospital, including 1 paediatric case, 20 dental, and 10 otorhinolaryngology.
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The convoy witnessed a large turnout from the villagers, who expressed their happiness and thanks to Alexandria University for the presence of the convoy and its recurrence on a regular basis to serve the citizens of the village.