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During the Alexandria University Council meeting held today, Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, thanked the deans, vice-deans, faculty members, assisting staff, and administrators of all university faculties and institutes, for their complete discipline in organizing the work of the first semester final exams and completing them in an efficient manner. He pointed out the necessity of completing the control work and announcing the results to the students as soon as possible, as well as completing all required maintenance work before the start of study in the second semester.

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 The Council agreed to form a committee represented by all sectors of the university to prepare student activities plan to begin with the start of the second semester, aiming to develop awareness, discover the talents of students of various faculties, and motivate them to practice all scientific, cultural, sporting and social activities.
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 The Council approved the allocation of 20 scholarships from the university for the master’s degree at the Faculty of Specific Education, with a 50% reduction in the value of the credit hour.
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 The Council agreed to accept donations submitted by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce to the Faculty of Engineering, which include a set of equipment for a solar energy station worth 8.5 million pounds.
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 The Council honoured Dr. Sami Abdelaziz Salem, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for the end of his tenure as Dean, wishing him success.

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The Council approved the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University (Faculty of Tourism and Hotels) and ACT Computer Company,the renewal of the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Pharmacy) and Saarland University in Germany, and the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Engineering) and the National University of Science and Technology (Oman International Maritime College). The Council also approved the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University (Faculty of Medicine) and Gulf Medical University, the memorandum of understanding between Alexandria University and the Military Medical Academy in the fields of research, education, training and community service in the field of health care, and the renewal of the scientific cooperation agreement in the field of graduate studies and research between ( The Institute of Linguistic Studies and Translation at the Faculty of Arts) and the Faculty of Language and Media in Alexandria - the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. In addition, the Council approved the cooperation protocol to be concluded between Alexandria University and the Egyptian Society for the Preservation of Heritage, Environment and Family and Rotary Egypt Area 2451, and the cooperation agreement between Alexandria University’s Centre for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) and the American Council on International Education ACTR/ACCELS for the CIs Spark program.
 The Council approved the promotion of 20 faculty members, 14 to the position of professor and 10 to the position of associate professor, the appointment of 18 lecturers, and the granting of 85 doctoral degrees and 125 master’s degrees in various scientific disciplines.

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