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Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, the activities of the Fourth Arab Youth Forum for Entrepreneurship concluded, which was organized by the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science in cooperation with the Association for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. Its activities continued for two days at the faculty's headquarters, and was attended by a group of thinkers, faculty members, executives concerned with entrepreneurship, as well as entrepreneurs who own small, medium and micro enterprise, in addition representatives of civil society organizations, led by the Businessmen Association, representatives of religious institutions, media figures, and hundreds of researchers and students.
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Dr. Ahmed Wahban, Dean of the Faculty, in his speech, stressed the importance of entrepreneurship as a creative idea in light of the need for successful and constructive ideas and new mechanisms to create various jobs in light of the widespread unemployment at large rates at various national and global levels.
Dr. Suzette El-Ridi, founder of the forum and president of the Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Association, also pointed out the basic role of the forum in encouraging projects and entrepreneurship as a societal responsibility and a national duty. Dr. El-Ridi emphasized the pioneering role of the forum in transferring the expertise of specialists and academics to promising young people in order to hone their experiences and encourage them to establish innovative projects.
Dr. Abdelwahab Ghoneim - Vice President of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy and Advisor to Cambridge College, referred in his speech to contemporary economic vocabulary and the tremendous technological developments that the world is experiencing in the twenty-first century, which in turn were reflected in entrepreneurship, and the size of the digital economy based on information technology now constitutes approximately 50 percent of the global economy.
Dr. Mona Abdellatif, Director of the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications, pointed to the prominent role played by the forum in providing a unique opportunity to meet distinguished and creative Arab youth in the field of entrepreneurship, where experiences and knowledge are exchanged and cooperation in the field of innovation and technology is enhanced. She also stressed the importance of the conference in unifying joint efforts between multiple entities, whether hosts or various entities across the Arab world, to exchange ideas and experiences and encourage joint cooperation between Arab youth, investors, and experts in the field of entrepreneurship.
Several important topics were discussed during the forum, including “Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship” by Dr. Abdelwahab Ghoneim, and “A Closer Look at Policies to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Egypt and the Arab Region” by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bahaa El-Din Khairy - Professor of Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, “Entrepreneurial Marketing” by Dr. Ayman Shawky, Director of the Development Center - Arab Academy for Science and Technology, and “The Role of the Businessmen Association in Supporting Entrepreneurship and Financing Startups” by Dr. Mohamed Moharram - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Business Foundation - Businessmen Association In Alexandria, and “The Role of the Enterprise Development Agency in Supporting Entrepreneurs” by Mr. Salah Maged - Director of the Fourth Region - Enterprise Development Agency - Alexandria Office, while Dr. Nabil Shalabi - Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Pioneers House and Vice President of John Cracknell Youth Bank in England reviewed the most prominent inspiring stories of successful models in the field of entrepreneurship.