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Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, inaugurated the activities of the twentieth annual conference of the Egyptian Scientific Society of Bronchology, headed by Dr. Tarek Safwat, Professor of Pulmonology at Ain Shams University. The inauguration session was attended by Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Essam Gouda, Professor of Pulmonology at Alexandria University and Conference Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Hantira, Vice-President of the Conference, Dr. Ahmed Youssef, Head of the Chest Department, Dr. Ayman Baeis, Vice-President of the Conference, in addition to Dr. Amira Tahio, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria, as well as several professors and scientists of Pulmonology and Allergies from various Egyptian universities, and associations of Chest, Allergy, Internal Medicine, and Intensive Care.
In his speech, Dr. Konsowa stressed the keenness of the Alexandria University administration to advance medical education by achieving competitive education and linking it to international educational institutions. He pointed out that Alexandria University signed the first joint scientific degree in the Middle East in the fields of medicine, surgery, and oral and dental medicine with the British University of Manchester. Konsowa announced that the soon-to-be-established “Alexandria International University” will host all the joint degrees signed by Alexandria University with international universities. He added that the university is keen to support young researchers, by providing a budget allocated for them to communicate with their colleagues in the same majors in major international universities that signed dual degrees with Alexandria University. He also pointed out that a large part of Alexandria University's mission is to extend a helping hand to treat the needy, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, as the health of the low-income citizen is an important priority in building the new republic. Dr. Konsowa also thanked the role of NGOs and civil society for their great role in supporting the medical sector in university hospitals, pointing to the volume of support received by Alexandria University hospitals, which exceeded 500 million pounds. He also expressed his appreciation of the role of scientific societies within Alexandria University and their pioneering role in developing the medical sector.
Dr. Ali Abdelmohsen confirmed that the Pulmonology Department at the Faculty of Medicine provides a great and remarkable activity in scientific research and scientific conferences to provide distinguished health service to citizens. He highlighted the high attendance at the conference, that is a sign of its success, and confirmed that Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa attending all scientific medical conferences, represents a message of support and encouragement from the university administration for the Faculty of Medicine and its various specializations.
While Dr. Essam Gouda confirmed that this year's conference discusses rare disease cases, whose radiographs and analyses were presented via computer and display screens, as they were commented on by a group of specialized professors. Gouda added that the conference also discussed topics of pulmonary embolism, treatment of allergies and asthma, and the use of optical endoscopes in diagnosis and treatment of various lung tumours, as well as a discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism, treatment of obstructive pulmonary disease, and the use of the polysomnogram in diagnosing the disease.
Dr. Ahmed Youssef indicated that the conference also discussed the economics of treatment, how to reach diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in an economical manner and set controls and guidelines for treatment. In addition, a workshop was held to teach the basics and techniques of using bronchoscopes & thoracoscopes, under the supervision of a group of scientists and professors using the Hands-on System, that is, practical education.
Dr. Amira Tahio indicated that there is great cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the six faculties and institutes of the medical sector at Alexandria University, to provide distinguished medical services to all citizens.
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