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Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, and Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, the Institute of Medical Research organized this afternoon its nineteenth scientific conference (and the seventh internationally) entitled “Milestones in Cancer from Genomics Research to Practice Action in Challenging Times” to discuss the problem of cancer and its impact on society, from genetic research to clinical application, in the presence of a large number of deans and vice-deans of faculties, Dr. Saria Hawam, Director of the Medical Complex at Mustafa Kamel Military Hospital, representatives of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, the World Health Organization (WHO), researchers, specialists, faculty members, and Egyptian and foreign students.
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Dr. Amal Ghanem, Dean of the Medical Research Institute, confirmed that the conference aims to cooperate with various research and scientific centres to follow up on the latest scientific developments at the international research level in the field of cancer. She added that this conference encourages young researchers to study cancer and its impact on society, to keep pace with the state’s strategy in early detection of the disease and how to reach the best ways to treat it and mitigate its effects. The conference participants will discuss modern strategies in diagnosing and treating possible tumours, through 12 scientific sessions including 45 research papers on the latest strategies in diagnosis and treatment and modern methods for predicting cancerous tumours, and their importance in early intervention to reduce the incidence of the disease. The discussions will also include genetic and pre-clinical studies using nanotechnologies and artificial intelligence. Dr. Ghanem expressed her wishes for the success of the conference through research, discussions, and exchange of experiences to reach recommendations for the benefit of patients' health and scientific research.
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Dr. Amani Youssef, Vice-Dean of the Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research, pointed out the importance of the conference that it links young researchers with experts to cooperate and pursue the process of scientific research in the field of cancer treatment.
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Dr. Khaled Matarawi, the Institute’s Vice-Dean for Environmental Development and Community Service added that it is of great importance to expand the circle of discussions to achieve maximum benefit from the published research.
The conference includes an introductory session on the Japanese International Cooperation Authority, in which representatives of the Egyptian and Japanese sides of the authority lecture on opportunities for joint cooperation and the Egyptian-Japanese partnership in the field of scientific research. The conference also reviews, in cooperation with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), the latest recommendations in the field of economics and technology in the health care industry, and developments in the national clinical guidelines program.
The conference witnessed a presentation on the role of the Medical Research Institute in education, scientific research, community service and its vision for the future, followed by honouring the winners of scientific awards and the former deans and vice-deans of the Institute and the experts who helped in the development of scientific research throughout the Institute’s history.
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