Required documents are:

- Egyptian high school certificate or its equivalent "original certificate" certified by the Embassy of student country or the Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt abroad.

- Original birth certificate or an official extract

- 6 Photographs (4 * 6 modern)

- Copy of the passport

- Completion of the data and the following documents exist within the envelope is obtained by the department or the embassy in Cairo, which are:

A) (Form 555).

B) Preliminary nomination card.

C) Information form (three copies).

D) Acknowledgment of the parent and the student.

E) Desires Card (original and copy)

- Acknowledgment from the applicant certified by a competent official authorities that he will dedicate himself to the study and will not go in any other work within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Applications are submitted to the embassy no later than mid-September of each year.

- The General Directorate for expatriates in Cairo informs embassies with the acceptance results to inform the student.

- Requires the existence of the student at the faculty until graduation, and not allowed for him transferring from foreign universities to Egyptian universities without the consent of Mr. Prof. Dr. Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research.

- Will be treated financially with international students, according to his nationality while his candidacy.

-  Expatriate students who are separated for exhausting repetition times can enroll in one of theory faculties (Arts – Law - Commerce) in the case satisfies the conditions for acceptance.

- International students are not considered acceptable in the faculty only after fulfilling the registration procedures (original papers - payment of fees and expenses).