The study at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Alexandria University began from the academic year 1976/1975, after the decision of the President of the Republic No. 542 of 1974 which related to start the establishment of the faculty. The Royal Palace at Edfena has been determined as the headquarter of the faculty, and the current building has been used as the headquarters of the Higher Institute of agriculture, then used as agricultural research station affiliated with Alexandria University, and after that the armed forces during the war of attrition has been received it to be allocated to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Alexandria University.

The faculty’s regulation issued Decree No.988 on 1/11/1975,then Regulation evolved with Ministerial Decree No. 66 on 06.03.1979, where some developments had been occurred in the curriculum ,in line with which come in the global scientific conferences about  Veterinary Teaching and also commensurate with local circumstances to have outstanding  graduates and the faculty  became distinct from the rest faculties, then the regulation changed at the level of the Egyptian universities started from the academic year 1993/1994 to be  the study in two semesters.


Animal Hygiene and Zoonoses Department

Pharmacology Department

Anatomy and Embryology Department

Biochemistry Department

Nutrition and Clinical Veterinary Nutrition Department

Surgery Department

Physiology Department

Food Hygiene Department

Pathology Department

Forensic and Toxicology Department

Poultry and Fish Diseases Department

Cytology and Histology Department

How to reach it: Edfina – El Bahara