The School of Dentistry started in 1945 and was first attached to the Faculty of Medicine. The first academic year of 1945/1946 had only two students in its first year. The Faculty of Dentistry was detached from the Faculty of Medicine and was founded in 1970 in a separate building. The Faculty of Dentistry distinct mission is to educate competent starting dentist in a humanistic environment. The entire Faculty community including students, administrators and Faculty embraces the humanistic philosophy that respects the dignity of each individual and fosters limitless potential for growth.

The Faculty of Dentistry continues to be an advocate and leader in improving the oral health care for the patients in Alexandria and neighboring cities. The Faculty harbors a well equipped health care center with up-to-date operating theaters for oral as well as maxillo-facial surgeries. The Faculty is providing free dental treatment for the patients that serve for supervised training for its students. It is an opportunity to serve the society, especially, the under-privileged who cannot afford the high cost for quality dental treatment. The Faculty plays an important role in increasing the awareness among people who live in areas lacking the appropriate care especially among limited income families with developmental disabilities.