- Faculty was established in 1959 under the name "Higher Institute for Cotton Affairs," and then joined to the Ministry of Higher Education in 1963.

 - In 1975 the Faculty has been developed for the Faculty of Cotton Science, Helwan University.

 - In 1985 issued Presidential Decree 303 to convert it to the Faculty of Agriculture - Helwan University, in Alexandria.

 - In 1989 issued Presidential Decree 361 to join it to Alexandria University, under the name of Faculty of Agriculture – Saba basha.

 - Then have been made modification on programs, curriculum and on scholarships; which includes a selection of faculty members in possession of a doctoral degree from advanced scientific schools of America - Western and Eastern Europe and other.

 - The school system, at the Faculty is based on the credit hour system, and is the leader in the application of this system in Egypt since 1985.

 - The Faculty characterized by the presence of total number of educational programs of study for students of undergraduate and graduate programs, where there is unrivaled in the various faculties of agriculture at the level of Arab Republic of Egypt.

Scientific Departments:
 * Land and Agricultural Chemistry; which includes specialties of Land and Agricultural Mechanization.

 * Agricultural Economics; which includes Agricultural Economics and include agricultural extension and rural community.

 * Animal Production and Fisheries; which includes animal and fish production and aquaculture and poultry.

 * Plant Production; which includes disciplines of crops and orchards.
 * Agricultural plant; which includes agricultural and plant diseases, and microbiology and genetics.

 * Food Science; which includes dairy and food technology.
* Plant Protection; which includes economic insects, pesticides.

 Departments of the Faculty for undergraduates (7 courses):
 * production and Cotton technology.
 * Plant Production.
 * Agricultural biotechnology.
 * Planning and agricultural development
 * Reclamation and cultivation of desert land.
 * Fish farming and aquaculture.
 * Production technology and medicinal & aromatic plants
Degrees awarded by the Faculty:

* Bachelor's degree in agricultural science in one of the 7 previous divisions.
* Master of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences
* The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences
* Postgraduate diploma in agricultural science
- Faculty grants master's degrees and doctoral degrees in 18 programs for graduate studies, as it is considers scientific school in graduate studies for many of the Arab world and the Egyptians.

 - Faculty grants postgraduate diploma in agricultural science in 19 diplomas specified in the regulations.

 Faculty of Agriculture, Saba Basha - Alexandria University
 22 Taj Roasa' st., - Saba Basha.

P.O.B.: 21531 Alexandria
Tel: 5831614 - 5831646

Fax: 5831608/5832008
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