The nursing profession is one of the oldest professions of mankind since the dawn of history, even though the nursing profession is a spirit and art, but it depends mainly on science and technology to keep pace with the rapid progress in the health field. The community needs to high-level scientific cadre in the field of nursing. Alexandria University has initiated to sign an agreement with World Health Organization to establish the High Institute of Nursing which graduated qualified nurses scientifically, morally and psychologically for the advancement of the nursing profession's message. High Institute of Nursing at  Alexandria University had been established , under the supervision of Faculty of Medicine on 4 July , 1954 .the first batch of nurses who awarded  bachelor's degree was  in 1959 and they are (5) graduates. Then set up master's degree in 1969/1970 and was followed by Ph.D. on Nursing Science in 1976/1977 then High Institute of Nursing converts to independent faculty with incomplete elements and Staff that after issued of Presidential Decree No. 287 of 1994 which adopting it as the first faculty of nursing in the Arab Republic of Egypt follow Alexandria University. During this period until 2005 the total of  graduation was about 47 classes about 6200 graduate who awarded  a bachelor's degree in nursing, the faculty  also awarded 356 graduates who  master's degree in nursing, and 140 graduates awarded PhD in nursing and 2 postgraduate diploma in nursing. Graduate works as a member of the health team which includes doctors, nurses, Dietitian, and physical therapy and technicians of various specialties, pharmacists and other auxiliary groups. The graduate through this team provides direct nursing care to patients and their families and those with health needs.

Faculty of Nursing,  Edmon Fremon St. Smouha, Alexandria, A.R.E.

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