School of Medicine of Alexandria(ancient):

Established by Ptolemy I in 300 BC and was transferred for scientists and the Temple of medical school rather, Heliopolis and Memphis medical library as well.
It raised the medical school of Alexandria as associate to the extent that it is sufficient to add to his name, "Graduate School of Alexandria" so that the inhumane practice of autopsy for the first time in the history of ancient medicine was that of a doctor, a secondary Herovljeos leading Alexandrian doctor to arrive to a level not informing him of a medical center in the absence of another global human consumption that keeps the autopsy without the knowledge of anatomical and physiological minutes.
The best witness to that what the (Galen) as stating that "Alexandria is the place deviations between medical centers in the Greco-Roman world, which knows where the foundations of anatomy human consumption" and that he himself did not live up to the level of dissection monkeys and pigs. Even Romanian doctor (CILSS) has seen thanks to the school of Alexandria in the field of anatomy human consumption, saying that "all of (Hirovelios) and (Orastratos) has won the superior knowledge of the anatomy, but not for this achievement is made of Alexandria Surgical Sciences in Alexandria, moved to Rome later.

Perhaps the inception, anatomy human consumption in Alexandria led to another fantastic achievement in the field of Surgical Sciences and delicate processes which have flourished in Alexandria, the practice of surgery, especially as many of the surgeons who Antgulw to Rome to work out who graduated from the School of Alexandria.

We have taken Romanian doctor about the medical system of ancient Egyptian medical specialist, a system that was admirable historians Akaddamay (Fahirodot) says that "medical science is divided, including every doctor deals with one disease only, some doctors, specialists of the eyes and some head and some of the teeth .... Also, this medical specialty, who owed by the world of ancient Egypt, doctors had been followed in the School of Medicine, Alexandria
Alexandria was undoubtedly a pioneer in the field of medicine both for diagnosis or treatment and to identify causes and symptoms and how to treat them, a place sung by poets old and recorded by historians.

Modern School of Medicine, Alexandria:

Established the Faculty of Medicine of Alexandria in the decision of the modern era of King Farouk I in 1942 and was made tremendous Tmrpjhod from the (Ibrahim Pasha) and Professor of Surgery (Mohammad Mahfouz your) Professor of eyes. And have been used Abbasid secondary school to teach academic subjects and Amiri Hospital for clinical teaching of foreigners from Arab and African country to study medicine in Alexandria, requires us to build a new medical school the latest to be hit by medical science.