Alexandria University is a beacon of science and is the most important features of the city of Alexandria, is also a ray of science and knowledge. Where graduated each year crowds of university in the various disciplines contributing to in the cultural, social, industrial and agricultural renaissance for Egypt, Arab countries, African and others, and Alexandria University is considered a symbol of the city of Alexandria, which was built in 232 BC. To become the capital of Egypt at the time, and named Alexandria relative to the Great Alexander, the Macedonian, and Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean and the largest ports of Egypt and for a long period of time Alexandria is become beam of science and knowledge for its old library (Library of Alexandria, which had been revived to be the currently Library of Alexandria), and always Alexandria is in the forefront of literature, art and science through the ages, and the distinctive emblem for Alexandria University is the old lighthouse of Alexandria.

Faculty of Agriculture established in August 1942 in Damanhur, then moved to the city of Alexandria in 1947. Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University of a special character, where granted bachelor's degree in agricultural science in eight programs and fifteen of subsidiary divisions where the student has the right to choose among them , in addition to the degrees of Diploma and master's and doctoral degrees in these different disciplines.

The Faculty chose for its flag since its inception in 1942, the blue color of the background, which reflects the spirit of city of Alexandria and the golden symbol for the logo. Faculty logo symbolizes to its educational and environmental fields to become the expressive emblem for our beloved Faculty.


  1. Agricultural Extension Education
  2. wood technology
  3. Economics and Agribusiness
  4. Home Economics
  5. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  6. Dairy Science and Technology
  7. Plant Pathology
  8. Animal and Fish Production
  9. Poultry Production
  10. Applied Entomology
  11. Vegetable Crops
  12. Floriculture, Ornamental Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening
  13. Soil and Water Sciences
  14. Food Science and Technology
  15. Pomology
  16. Pesticide Chemistry and Technology
  17. Rural Development
  18. Crop Science
  19. Genetics

Faculty Management:

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Gamal El Torky , Dean of the Faculty

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Bahie El-Deen, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs.

Prof.Dr. Mohammed Hassan Bahnasy, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research


Prof.Dr. Fikry Ibrahim El-shahawi, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development



Faculty of Agriculture – Aflaton St., Shatby - Alexandria

P.O.B.:  21545

Tel: (03) 5921405 - 5915427 - 5901900 to 5924391

Ext: 1004

Fax: 00203 5922780

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.agr.alexu.edu.eg