Faculty of Commerce was established after the issuance of Law No. 32 of 1942, and related with the establishment and organization of Farouk I University. The Faculty has taken in the first place, Al-Abbasya School building in Muharam-Bek as a headquarters. And the study began on 17 October, 1942, and then was transferred to Saray Prince Omar Tousson in Ombrozo, and the Faculty took move from place to place whenever the greater demand on the study there, for example, it moved to Lauran, and then it was transferred to the building of a shelter of Al-Horreya (Old Building of Faculty of Commerce), and the university had purchased this building and set two runways, a club and a library for service of faculty students until 1961 when it was transferred to the current building, which was established at theoretical faculties complex in Souter.

The Faculty has gone through several stages of evolution, since its establishment, the study in the undergraduate was passing on one division, then replace this system with another, in which the study was divided into two divisions. If the student spent this period of study successfully, has the right to choose when joining to the third year between the two divisions: the Division of Trade, Department of Economics. And taken into account in the distribution of study materials between the two divisions that all studies in the commercial materials are paramount, in addition to the accounting and business management and providing student with premium sufficient economic studies, and in the Department of Economics, the economic studies are predominant, without neglecting purely commercial studies. This system has been applied in the Faculty from the academic year 1947/1948 after the approval of the University Council in its session on 18/23 November, 1948.

As a result of scientific development in all studies, and growing the number of students has been re-examined the study program at the Faculty, thus have been added new specializations compatible with scientific progress, and introduced new scientific departments, and then the Faculty became includes the following departments: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Public Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, insurance, political science, and information systems.

The Faculty granted bachelor's degree in Commerce in one of the specializations, and master's degree in commerce, and doctoral degree in Philosophy. Since 1949/1950, the Faculty began to dedicate diplomas for graduate studies which reach until now to twenty different disciplines. Were study years for bachelor's degree were determined in four years into eight classes for each semester, and each semester has its own exam, and specialization for all divisions, at the Faculty from the third year.

Also the Faculty has established a set of institutions for granting a degree of diploma in the field of specialization, two-year seminars in business management, accounting, economics, public economics, statistics and insurance studies, diplomatic studies. And those institutions seek to develop knowledge in various areas of specialization and organization studies in the area of specialization to serve the community and do research and studies related to the field of specialization.

In the academic year 2002/2003, has been modified study system in graduate studies to credit hour system, and as of the academic year 2006/2007, has been applied the system on graduate programs (PhD, Masters, Diplomas) in all disciplines.

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