Faculty of Arts was established in 1939, to be the oldest and most prestigious faculties in Egypt since that date, Faculty of Arts has worked to find a solution to the problems relating to its functions and its scientific and academic necessaries. The faculty plays a major role in community service through the center of the blind students, thus it interested in cultural, social and scientific development. The faculty also contributes to teach Arabic to foreigners through the center of teaching Arabic.

Faculty of Arts is based on two bases: the first base on linguistic, literary studies, and the second base on social sciences. Over the past half-century we has seen the total multiple stages of development in various disciplines, which helped to introduce innovative and diversified courses to study in some departments and faculty made a long way in its bid of scientific research, especially after it settled in its current location within Shatby land within University Establishment plans, which carried Name (Alexandria University) after the revolution of July 23, 1952. Faculty of Arts was established in Alexandria in the academic year 38/1939 and was a subsidiary of FOUAD I University (Cairo University), and then issued a decree establishing Farouk I University  in 1942 to  became the first Faculty of Arts in Alexandria
It should be noted that Faculty  of Arts  on  its  path of evolution  entered  a computer system in a stand-alone unit to monitor the results of examinations and store student data , to achieve maximum precision and regulation , as it from one of the pioneering experiences at Alexandria University , if it not at  all the  universities of Egypt, which has been hailed by Council of Alexandria University in July 1991, and called for the circulation in the rest of the faculties  , which called for entered  computers in some branches of study currently. 
Not only that the faculty has been seen a wide range of development in the field of postgraduates studies and scientific research at higher institutes or in the departments which award master's degree and PhD, that appeared in the large number of visitors from all Arab countries and others to become strong scientific pillars for their universities, which doing its national duties in development and construction. 
The faculty development does not stop on the scientific and academic aspects, but beyond that to establish other specialized centers such as Center for teaching Arabic to foreigners and Center for the Blind from students of the faculty and university, as well as the many contributions in the activities of Public Service Center. 
The faculty deep interest in treasures of Ancient Egypt reflected in the establishment of a private museum in 1945, this museum is the embodiment of the faculty’s leading role in the detection and exploration of Egyptian antiquities mission in various parts of Egypt and the faculty is developing and updating it. 
The faculty was established the administrative building and modern library at modern development and techniques, to increase the classroom and keep up with education systems and increasing numbers of students and researchers. 
Faculty will continue to seek development and modernization, expansion and introduction of all new and useful, to keep pace with human civilization, fits between the different disciplines and the needs of modern society on the other hand. 
The faculty was the forerunner in the establishment of unique scientific  departments  such as: anthropology and Phonetics  and Drama Studies, as well as in the establishment of higher institutes, such as Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Linguistics, Institute of Oriental Languages, and Institute for Mediterranean Studies.


Faculty‘s Departments


Arabic Language and Literature Department


French and Literature Department


English Language and Literature Department


Geography and Geographic Information Systems Department (Geography Branch and Surveying and Mapping Branch)


History and Egyptian and Islamic Archeology Department


Sociology Department (Media Branch and Sociology Branch)


Library and Documentation Department


Philosophy Department


Psychology Department


Anthropology Department


Archaeology, Greek and Romanian Studies Department


Oriental Languages Department


Theater Department


Applied Languages Department


Institute of Social Sciences


Institute of Mediterranean


Institute of Linguistics


Faculty Administration


Prof. Dr. / Ashraf Farrag


Dean of the faculty


Prof. Dr. / Abbas Solaiman


Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs


Prof. Dr. / Nevin Khalid


Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research


Prof. Dr. / Mamdouh Tohamy


Vice Dean for Community Service


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