Membership tables in the association consist of four tables; each table has conditions for registering in it which is:

1- Press workers Table

2- Press non Workers Table

3- Press Associate Table

4- Press trainees Table

General conditions for having membership

1- Must be journalist and non owner to journal or press agency working in Egypt or partner in it or contributor

2- Must be Egyptian

3- Must be well reputed and has not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving trust, or decided to strike his name from the table for reasons of honor or trust.

4- Must have high educational certificate

Required Documents for having membership

1-Graduation Certificate (BSC. or BA. or which equal them)

2- Birth Certificate

3-   Military certificate or Exemption

4- Contract of employment from the company which you work in from the President of the Council Manager and stamped Foundation

5- A letter of nomination from the institution of the union membership

6- Form issued by the Social Insurance clarify the situation to the insurance institution in which they operate

7- Criminal sheet

8- Six recent personal photos

9- Copy from national ID

10- Models from your published press works

11- Paying the fees which are hundred fifty EP in the association treasury and getting official receipt

12- The age doesn’t exceed 45 years

For contacting press association


Address: Alexandria-El manshia Talaat Harb st.

Tel: 03/4851573