About the Association

It was established in 1977 according to the law No. 66 of 1977, it aims to develop scientific and professional level for engineers and maintain the profession's dignity and to develop and apply the principles for organizing practice and performance of members of their duties in the service of the country and monitor its implementation.

Association is also working to mobilize the forces of members and organize their efforts in the service of society to achieve national goals and objectives of economic development and facing applied problems and to give possible solutions and positive involvement in the national action.

This is beside its role in developing and publishing researches and studies in different engineering fields and relating scientific researches and engineering with production sites by studying production methods and the means of improving and increasing it and reducing its costs.

The Association co-operate with Organizations and Internal and external engineering societies specially in Arab and African And Asian Countries for documentation the relations between them and to exchange Information and experiences and this includes subscription in studying subjects and projects with common nature and also subscription in conferences which linked with this goals which held outside the country and working to held it inside the country

The Association plays a big role in publishing engineering awareness and organizes supervising engineering offices and consultancy engineering offices

How to Gain Membership in the Association

For new members whom wanting o gain membership for the first time have to get the following papers:

1- Original and copy from graduation Certificate

2- Personal Proof (National Id or Passport)

3- 2 personal photos

4-For private Universities and institutions have to present Equation Certificate with previous documents

5- Registration fees for the first time 77 EGP (only seventy seven EGP) for Governmental universities and 227 EGP (only two hundred twenty seven EGP) for private universities and institutions.

6- For members who had registered before in the association have to give a personal photo with the original personal proof with the receipt of paying the card which is 10 EGP (only Ten L.E)

For contacting Engineering Association


For inquiry: Saba Basha - El Gish way

Tel: 03/5820900