Name Abstract Registration No. Registration Date
Prof. Dr. Hamdy Rashad Sultan Preparation method for pyrethroid insecticide 870/2001


1-  Amira Darwish

2-  Dr. Eman Hussin Ayad

3-  Prof. Dr. Said Darwish

4-  Prof. Dr. Morsi El Suda

Production of healthy cultured milk

1233/2009 13/8/2009

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mosaad Zain Eldin

Portable unit for untraditional feed using agricultural wastes



Best cultivation and agriculture systems to get highest production and quality of rice miller



New method to measure rate of soil volume change under effect of dynamic loads 652/2010 21/4/2010
New method to measure penetration resistance of the soil 723/2010 3/5/2010
A machine to remove the solid scale inside pipeline 1142/2010 5/7/2010
Prof. Dr. Kariman Saleh Super Biological fertilizer 184/2010 4/2/2010

1-      Dr. Sameh Ezzat

2-      Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Tahoun

3-      Prof. Dr. Amin Ismail

Production of PCtA of propionicin using some T1 lactic bacteria    
Prof. Dr. Esmat Hussien Hegazy Pheromone Light trap 370/2010 8/3/2010
WaterLight trap 371/2010 8/3/2010

1-      Prof. Dr. Saad Fathalla

2-      Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mosaad Zain Eldin

3-      Sherif Abdelaal

System for reducing tension in simple arado 831/2010 20/5/2010

1-      Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Yousef

2-      Prof. Dr. Ezzat Abdel Ghaffar

3-      Prof. Dr. Soliman Nasief

4-      Abdel Rahman El Banna

5-      Prof. Dr. Hamed Morsi

6-      Hamed Ali Abdel Nabi

Cutting and  fry machine design 831/2010 20/5/2010
Dr. Mohamed Abdelhay Rashwan Forced safety belt 2225/2010 29/12/2010
Dr. Wafaa El Faras Dietary fiber mixture for diet 1531/2008 14/9/2008
Omega oil contamination in Conocarpus fruit and leaves 1532/2008 14/9/2008
Gel plant food 1913/2008 25/11/2008
New method to analysis and examine Microscope plates 2226/2010 29/12/2010
Prof. Dr. Hasan Younis Identification of DDT biological target 1830/2011 30/10/2011
Naglaa Ali Abdelhay Using Hibiscus to color some food products 914/2012 21/5/2012