Digital Library of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Library of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1975 to include a small number of scientific books, references in addition to theses as a gift, and this for the service of students and faculty members at the faculty..... And its role began increasing day after day through the development and modernization of the library to keep pace with scientific developments of information technology in modern era.

Then the library became within the system of digital libraries of Alexandria University, which is within the system of digital libraries of the Supreme Council of Universities and through data entry of books, scientific references and international periodicals as well as theses (masters + doctorates); to facilitate the process of scientific research and study for students.

And has been supplying the library with 20 computer dedicated to faculty members and students of the faculty in addition to 2 computer for library employees, through which all data is entered within the framework to update the library system. The library include on 4096 foreign books, 203 books for quality system, 1206 Arabic books, 5472 theses and 97 periodicals. And the number of books purchased from the Cairo International Book Fair in Cairo at 29,000 pounds for the year 2010.

In 2007 – 2008, the Faculty Managment has developed the library according to international standards in quality of university libraries in terms of providing new furniture fits uses of students and visitors to the Library also the faculty administration has provided the library with the latest books and scientific references to serve study and research by purchasing from Cairo International Book Fair. Technically, has been dispatching four members of the library staff to the Faculty of Science in Alexandria for training on digital library system. Also has been completed indexing and classification of nearly ten thousand books, theses and periodicals on the automated System (MARC).

  And has been approved the faculty library within the digital libraries of the Supreme Council of Universities, by highlighting the effort in data entry and continuous development and modernization.