Detailed description of faculty library

The library is located at the sixth floor of the old building of the faculty, as it is a specialized scientific library, thus it contains four main departments detailed as follows:

1- Student Library Department

Contains many of scientific books for students at Faculty, as well as some ofscientific references, periodicals and photocopier of the library which cover an area of 120 m x 12 m (144 Square meters)

 2- Professor Library Department

 Containing scientific books for faculty members, researchers from inside and outside the faculty and graduate students, which cover an area of 10.5 m x 8 m (84 square meters).

 3- Management Department

 It is located between student library and professor library which cover an area of 9.5 m x 6.25 m (59 square meters), and has some scientific books, references, periodicals, and theses.

4- Digital Library Department

 It is located beside the student library department which cover an area of 6 p.m. x 11 m (66 square meters), and contains a number of 30 computers, which are connected to the Internet and be distributed on units and separated by glassy separator, and is dedicated to faculty members, teaching assistants and graduate students in the faculty for easy access to the latest scientific research published in the global databases through the website of digital library


Also the digital library allows creating username and password for each beneficiary so he could search from inside the house to the global databases and libraries of all Egyptian universities.

 Thus the total area of the library 449.375 square meters, which includes the number of 108 seats and 14 tables (5 for professor library, 8 for students Library and 1 for periodicals department).

As for the lighting and ventilation at the library is very good and all the departments are air-conditioned.

As for the total collection of the library contains 8325 foreign books and 830 Arabic books in addition to 526 books (Gifts), also contains many of master and doctoral theses whether approved by the faculty or by other universities such as Cairo, and Assiut University and other universities, as follows:

- 75 master theses and 170 doctoral theses from Alexandria University.

- 377 master theses and 196 doctoral theses from Cairo University.

- 155 master theses and 69 doctoral theses from Assiut University.

- 33 master theses and 14 doctoral theses from different universities.

As for the periodicals, the library contains several scientific journals specialized in the field of pharmacy and its statement as follows: 122 foreign periodical, 1 Arabic periodical, and 11 foreign periodicals as a gift from W. H. O., in addition to one periodical for the faculty and the rest of periodicals had been stopped since 1999.

As for the library system follows the open shelves system according to Faculty Departments each year through book fairs and various publishing houses.

 Also follows the system "Dewey Decimal Classification" and is dedicated library staff to perform the library service to visitors and beneficiaries from inside and outside the faculty.

 The library is open during the school year every day from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, except on Thursday of each week opens from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, either during the summer holidays and the month of Ramadan it opens from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

 The increased number of researchers, who come to the library in all different phases of the study is than it was previously, where the number of beneficiaries from the library reaches more than 5000 beneficiaries, which includes photography books and periodicals,as well as the number of beneficiaries of external borrow not less than 2000 beneficiaries during the year.