Faculty library is working hard to provide all library services for professors, students and researchers represented in books, periodicals and audio-visual theses, in line with the scientific departments of the faculty, also the faculty library tracking systems and technical procedures.


Supplying System at the library

 Is allocated annually amount to buy new contents from books that serve the educational process at the faculty in addition to special collection of books in foreign languages that taught at the faculty, and some books that received by the Library as a gift from some libraries inside and outside the university.


Cataloging system and classification

Faculty library tracking a special classification system commensurate with scientific departments of the Faculty, where provides an opportunity to get the book as soon as possible, and the most convenient ways to access to all library contents of information on the website of the faculty: www.alextourism.net

It is also exist index cards that were printed on computer and divided into three sections:


Tourism Studies Department

Hotel Studies Department

Tourism Guidance Department


In addition to cards of foreign departments, this makes it easier for the researcher to select topics in the desired book.



Faculty library opens the door for exterior borrowing only for faculty members, as for undergraduate and graduate students allowed only for them internal borrowing, because the number of library books don't allow to open the door for exterior borrowing for students.


Also the library has many tourist brochures, statistics and graduation projects for students of Tourism & hotels Department, which is one of the important references for faculty students and graduates, also exists at the library a copier for students and researchers.


Reading system at the library being at separate halls away from the store, also it has a separate room for Graduate Studies and another for faculty members unlike a hall for undergraduate students.


In the framework of international attention to scientific research - the Ministry of Higher Education has established Management Unit for Development of higher education projects, which was the most important programs of the project of information development systems and technology, thus the establishment of digital libraries of the Egyptian universities is one of the most important projects, and Alexandria University is one of the first universities that initiated to participate in this project because of its usefulness for scientific research at the university, where the benefit of this service will be for faculty members, researchers and students from various fields and disciplines in various faculties of the university and the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels is the first of those faculties.


The Faculty library has entered all Arabic and foreign books, and there were only the Theses, periodicals. And the service is available through the portal of the Digital Library Project:


Or through the website


Through any computer connected to the Internet within the campus.


It was necessary to complete the project connecting the internet with faculty library and is proposed to open the Internet to students after the completion of the Digital Library Project.


Finally, all library staff is working hard to raise the performance of the library service facilitating on students and researchers in this field