Library’s Message  

The message of Faculty of Engineering derive from the message of Alexandria University which is provide rich and diversified learning environment, to become a center for the quality of education and scientific research in the community, through the following: 
- Provision of information services with high quality, to achieve the university’s agenda which related to teaching, learning and research.
- The leadership of the academic community and help its members to make use of information sources and manage it also.
- To ensure the continuous improvement in the work within the library, to provide the finest services, possible information and then achieve the satisfaction of beneficiaries. 
Library ‘s Objectives
 Faculty Library aims to support , develop and  service the curriculum and scientific research at the faculty through the following: 
 1 - to facilitate the means of research and study through the provision of information and research and knowledge resources  which  needed by the students and researchers in their respective fields   and which also needed by teachers  in their lectures, as well as in doing  their research – with all kinds of these resources (traditional and electronic), and with a quality  satisfy  the expectations of the beneficiaries and achieve  their satisfaction. 
 2 - Keep up with global developments in the fields of organize, storage, retrieval and transmission of information, which facilitated the performance of advanced information services. 
 3 - Provide library miscellaneous services that will satisfy the needs of beneficiaries in various assortment; such as internal and external loan services and reference service [1], and current awareness service [2], and broadcast selective [3], indexing [4], and translation; as well as preparation of programs, to introduce the students and faculty  members with  services which provided by the library and how to use the available information resource , and information search and retrieval, in order to help them to  achieve the maximum benefit from these resources , as well as helping them to self-learning  life-long. 
 4 - Contribute to the transfer of scientific production  through the library website on the Internet and that ‘s through the exchange of scientific research and information which help the student , researcher and professor on performance of their scientific mission and to  know the extent of progress and advancement which the other societies reached   in their respective fields. 
 5 - help librarians  to participate in develop themselves professionally through continuous training about the all new in library and information technology, and encourage them to read about this discipline, and open channels of communication between them and the librarians in faculty specialization inside and outside Egypt ,to inform them of the new, as well as providing information resources  as greater as possible to beneficiaries; This is in addition to encouraging them to attend  local and international  book fairs ,conferences and seminars. 
 6 - To create a suitable climate inside the library for the study and research. 
 Library ‘s Departments  
1 – Main Library (1): It serves Electrical Engineering Department (power and Communication) - Mathematics and Engineering Physics Department - Computer and Systems Engineering  Department
- Civil Engineering Department - Electromechanical  Engineering Department - Computer and Communication Department  It has 4 computers for technical operations and numbers of devices to serve all the visitors. The library located at electricity building in the third floor - phone 2059 -5236.
 2 - Main Library (2): It serves Marine Engineering and Building ships Department - Mechanical Engineering Department - Production Engineering Department - Textile Engineering Department - Chemical Engineering Department - Gas and Petrochemicals Department. It has 2 computers for technical operations and 3 devices to serve all the visitors and the library located at mechanics building in the fifth floor. 
 3 - Architecture Engineering Library: 2 computers for technical operations The library located at administration building in the Fourth floor - Phone 2040.
 4 - Nuclear Engineering Library: one computer for technical operations The library located at electricity building in the fifth floor - Phone 2242 
 5 - periodicals and Theses library: 3  computers for  technical operations The library located at Mechanics building in the fourth floor - Phone 2140 
 Library management and staff 
 Manages the library in general, General Administrator  of the libraries, branch libraries managers and specialists and assistant's are about 33 employees
 The digital library at Faculty of Engineering 
 all holdings of faculty of Engineering’s library had been indexing and now some of scientific thesis had being entered  after determining their position of keeping only one copy of each thesis or more, as well as books which added to the custody of libraries recently  through purchase or gift for the faculty. Libraries holdings which indexed automatically are about 55,000” five and fifty thousand books, periodicals and a thesis. 

Faculty libraries contain departments’ libraries as Electrical Engineering - Computer - Architecture - Mechanics - Chemistry - textile - production – Marine - Nuclear - civilian – Mathematics Science - Periodicals - thesis - the student library. This division had a lot of disadvantages as repetition of references and books between libraries, which exhausts the total budget about limited number of books ,on the other side the disciplines overlap between departments, so that the researcher will find specialization references among the libraries of all Department in different buildings.  Prof. Dr. / Essam Ahmed Kurdy The Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Administrator of development projects Unit at the university to involve departments of libraries to libraries: Main library (1), Main library (2) and a library of postgraduate Studies and Architecture Library in preparation to involve them in one developed library. As well as library ‘holdings been arranged according to the classification of international Dewey disciplines, with regardless of the Scientific department which belonging to it the reference, at the end of 2008 books that did not have any scientific value will be get out, and provide library with extra modern computers as start which provided through Digital Library Project (3 computers, printer, reader, vertical codes) in addition to the computers which provided through the faculty management.