Professional diplomas don't qualify their recipients to enroll in the study for masters and doctoral degree, as long as their grade in the first degree (BA) at least good.

Study of specialist diplomas qualifies their recipients for enrollment for master and doctoral degree, provided that the student's level in specialized diploma is (+ B).

Which are studies of applied courses for one or two academic year, also considered as an applied study, which aims to promote the professional level for the student in various fields of work after graduating from the Faculty of Arts, and the study for autonomous vocational diploma.

Is required for registration in graduate diploma the stipulated conditions in Article (5):


1- Hold a bachelor's degree in a specialization branch in the faculties of Arts or the corresponding faculties at Alexandria University or elsewhere.


2- The Faculty Board may accept the registration of student who holds a BA or doctoral degree in another specialization after passing successfully a number of supplementary courses determined by the concerned department, provided that the cumulative average of those courses not less than (C), and these courses do not count within program hours.


3- In order to the student receives the diploma must fulfill between 20 and 30 credit hours in accordance with the list of the scientific department.


4- For obtaining Graduate Diploma (vocational or specialist) students must pass the diploma courses with general grade not less than (C).


5- For the study of specific diploma - number of admitted students for the diploma not less than ten students.


6- Calculated for the student the cumulative average at the end of the academic year or the end of his study to a certain degree (grades average in all courses).