Firstly: Requirements for admission in the program:


It is required to accept the student in the program that:


1 - To meet the requirements of graduate enrollment in accordance with the rules of internal regulation of the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University, except for the condition of attendance percent.


2- The student must pass the admission test held in one of Francophone University Agency centers and proofread by "The Institute d'Administration des Enterprises de Poitiers"


1-           To complete master registration file which assessed by the two universities.


4- The student is registered in the Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University and The Institute d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) of Poitiers after succeeding in admission test and paying tuition fees. Then the student has the right to visit the website of distance education for the joint program (MOOLE (. He can also follow lectures and react with the faculty members via video conference and e-mail dedicated for that.


Secondly: conditions to obtain the degree


It is required to obtain the degree that:


  1. 1.The student must complete number of educational European credit hours (ECTS) with 60 credit hours distributed as following: 9 academic courses (divided to sub-unitsMODUIES) withhour according to attached table.
  2. 2.The period to obtain the degree is two years, last six months is specified to the applied research.
  3. 3.The degree is awarded as joint degree through Alexandria University and TheUniversityofPoitiers.


2-     The role of the two universities is preparing scientific content and supervising the students.


Firstly: The role of Faculty of Commerce– Alexandria University.


In the first stage, the Egyptian side prepares the scientific content for 12 sub-units (MODUIE) and to share it on the distance education site (MOOLE)and the number of educational units prepared by the Egyptian side increases gradually till it should be have participated in setting the scientific contents for all educational units.


2- Participation in preparing admission test for students after submitting their files and fulfilling all requirements.


3- Forming project teamwork from the faculty staff who speaks French, also they will guide students and answer all questions either in the faculty or via distance education site and to follow up the applied research submitted by each student as graduation project.


4- The Egyptian professors will teach and make use of the Faculty of Law professors who obtained their PhD from France to teach law articles and also make use of the Faculty of Commerce professors in Ain Shams University to teach some courses (As there is Academic Cooperation Agreement between Ein Shams University and The University of Poitiers).


Secondly: The role of the Institute d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) at the University of Poitiers:


1-The French side provides a copy of lectures and shares it on the web site as PDF files for the teaching staff at the Faculty of Commerce-Alexandria University.


2-The Faculty of Commerce-Alexandria University professors shall complete the scientific content by making use of books and references that will be sent by the Institute d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) of Poitiers, in addition to searching for E-educational  resources to complete the curriculum. The Egyptian professors will also follow up the students in the distance education process and answer their questions and correct their researches and perquisites.


3- Francophone University Agency will put all books and references in her centers in all countries where the student will be chosen for the students to borrow and return it to the center. This step is to reduce the tuition fees for the students.


4- The French professors will follow up the Egyptian professors on preparing the scientific content and answer all their questions.


5- The French professors participate on the discussion of the applied research submitted by the students and that will be through video conference.


6- The French side prepares admission test and final tests in coordinating with the Egyptian professors.


Program of study:





Accredited European Educational units ( ECTS )


Accredited European Educational units ( ECTS )


-UE1 International economic environment for businesses enerprises


UE4 - Strategic Management



-UE2 Human Resource Management


UE7 - Management Production processes and services



UE3 - Accounting and Financial Management


UE8 - Management of information systems and control systems



-UE5 Legal Environment


UE9 - Administrative Capacity Development



UE6 - Marketing


UE10 - Training and Applied Research ( 6 Months)








 Total Accredited European units 60