Library of Faculty of Dentistry was opened in 1974.

The library aims to provide various information sources, after processing it to facilitate the maximum benefit for each of the faculty members, students and researchers.

Library sections:

Library Books:

Containing approximately 8415 book in different disciplines, and are updated references and books through book fairs.


Containing 91 periodical in various scientific disciplines until 1999 and are available through databases on Digital Library site.

Theses Library:

The library contains 1424 Thesis of MA and Ph.D. in various disciplines.

Digital Library:

Is a future management system of university libraries, which depends on the Marc standards 21, where it used in the automated input of information, retrieval and borrowing as well as searchable global databases through the following website: (through home) (through the University Network)

Services provided by the Library:

1 – Providing various references by buying and gifting.

2 - Indexing, classification and registration in the records of the library.

3 - Facilitate the use of library holdings for faculty members, graduate students and students. 

4 – Activate the internal and external borrowing.

5 - Publish bibliographic lists for the contents of the library, bulletins and holdings.

6 – Data entry system on the Automated System for Digital Library.

7 - Data retrieval service at faculty library or any other libraries all over the country through research on the digital library system.

8 - Photography service for scientific research, books and periodicals in the library.


The library is located in the floor (G) in the new building

External phone number: 034868066 - 034869690

Internal phone number (170)

Working hours:

 The library works daily from Saturday to Wednesday, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, except on Fridays and public holidays.

Digital Library of Faculty of Dentistry