Physical Education Library (Boys) plays an important and prominent role in the process of scientific research, where its activity extends for serving large numbers in various scientific specializations starting from faculty members and their auxiliary bodies, undergraduate and graduate students from faculties of Physical Education in Arab republic of Egypt and faculty staff, where the library includes all scientific disciplines and that so out of her important role in enriching the process of scientific research.


- Physical Education Library receives the largest number of researchers from inside and outside the faculty for benefit from what it contains of multiple references of high value.

- The development of expertise of library staff through various courses in the field of libraries, computers, digital library in order to achieve high quality.

- The use of technology (Computer) to serve researchers access to information quickly.

- Provide miscellaneous library services that satisfies the needs of beneficiaries; such as internal and distance borrowing, reference service, current awareness service, multicast, indexing, and translation; as well as the preparation of programs to educate students and faculty members the services offered by the library and how to use the available information sources, and search for information and retrieval, in order to help them achieving the maximum benefit from these sources, as well as continuous self-learning for life.



Due to the permanent interest of Faculty of Physical Education (Boys) in progress the educational process, has been expanded faculty library to help on the presence of a large number of students and faculty members, where the total area of ​​faculty library is about 700 square meters and that after the annexation of two halls in front of the library.

The library consists of (two halls) one of them for faculty members, auxiliary bodies and graduate students of (Diploma - Master - PhD) and there's a special room for Computer Services with an area ​​about eighteen square meters and there are five computers and a laser printer (1020) and Switch (8 Port), also there is one air conditioning to keep the efficiency of computer work, and other for undergraduate students (first grade - second grade - third grade - fourth grade) and this hall includes one computer in addition to a printer laser (jet p 1505) to serve students.

Library administration and employees

       Administration consists of library manager, manager of the two halls, assistants (15 employees), under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Mahmud Mohamed Ibrahim, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, who spared no effort to develop the faculty library.

Digital Library of the Faculty of Physical Education (Boys)

   Out of our belief of the importance of information systems project and the vital and effective role of the library in upgrading information systems and the use of technology (computers) to serve the researchers to access the information quickly and with minimal effort; thus the Library of Faculty of Physical Education (Boys) is considered one of the first libraries that has joined to Future Library System of Egyptian universities (Digital Library) and its site as follows:

  Where has been indexed all library holdings from Arabic and English books, Master theses, doctoral dissertations and also periodicals issued by the faculty and library holdings through gifting.

  The program allows the possibility of borrowing from digital library by adding borrower's data at faculty library and the borrower can write his own code and access through the digital library. Library staff of Faculty of Physical Education (Boys) enters all theses (MA and Ph.D.) and scientific production of faculty members in the digital library, also through the digital library can be done an electronic inventory.