Faculty library

Library is an important part of the administrative body at the Faculty, and its primary objective to provide library services to the faculty community and other faculties, students of graduate studies, faculty and staff in the faculty.
This is an acquisition process for library components from books, periodicals, letters, conferences and references by two ways: the manual method and the automated way.

 Data of library

Library space
Library building is an independent building, consists of:

Firstly: Ground floor:
Library of Graduate studies: It consists of a number (4) Halls - Hall of references, dictionaries, public services (Arab and foreign), as well as staff offices (17:00 x 604 m) - Hall of foreign books, theses, Arabic periodicals (6.4 m x5.4 m) – two readings room (3xl m 5.5 m x 5.5 m), (20:00 x5).

Secondly: First floor
Library of Arabic books which consists of two rooms: Hall of Arabic books (17 m x4.3 m) and contains scientific books in various fields of faculty disciplines. Books in general fields "religious, political, history and literature;" in addition to exams banks of graduate phases which is a compilation of most of the exams of all departments of faculty during previous years.
Reading Hall for girls (17:00 x6.4)

Students' number:
Students of four batches: 534 students
(181) faculty members
(69) Assistants
(52) Graduate students
(164) Visitors of Library from outside the Faculty

Equipment of Ground floor: (7) tables with wooden partitions, (30) seat, (20) Cupboard.
The cylinders laser (CD) for discussion of Masters and PhD, cylinders laser (CD) of libraries programs of Alexandria University in collaboration with the Central Scientific Library, and is inserted all books in order to supply the international information network (Internet), CD for learning English language and latest special programs that including TOEFL lessons, exercises and tests.
Equipment of the first floor: (6) tables, (37) seat, (32) Cupboard

References and periodicals
(569) PhD thesis  
(1074) Master thesis
(10 679) Arabic References
(2144) Foreign References
(20) Arabic periodicals - Journal
(44) Foreign periodicals - Journal

Development Services
Provides retrieving service of information from the World Wide Web
Provide means of communication with the Central Library through mailings
Library receives sessions of Internet technologies constantly
Provides electronic card for visitors of the library
Books in general fields (religious, political, history, and literature)
Has been providing room at library building that contains a number 19 computer to be ready for faculty members and researchers for the latest information from the World Wide Web and global databases.

Information Technology
Have been prepared the digital library through the indexed Internet with all data on the Digital Library Site.
Was introduced number (8252) copy of Arabic books and (2043) copy of foreign books, and (1074) Master thesis, and (569) PhD thesis indexed with all data on the Digital Library Site.
Has been introduced scientific journal for the faculty as well as theories magazine and applications.
The number of Arabic Periodicals (11) Title
Foreign periodicals (28) foreign
Scientific production (84)

Working Hours
From nine o'clock in the morning to four o'clock pm during the academic year.
Provided Services to the visitors:
Subscriptions in global databases
Search in lists of Masters and PhD and scientific production and scientific journals available at the library.
Were introduced all scientific conferences donated to the Faculty according to the names of researchers, research topic, Scientific Section and the history of the conference.
Now being indexed the rest of periodicals from various universities with some Arab countries.
Scientific cooperation with the Library of Alexandria with the agreement on mutual cooperation between the Faculty and the library.
Provide an opportunity for faculty members to exploit the multimedia library and the available potential.

Scientific cooperation with corresponding faculties:
Tanta and Mansoura universities continue sending Master's and doctoral thesis to the Faculty, and Faculty of Physical Education for Boys, Alexandria University (Abu Qir) also is sending numbers of the Journal and applications in cooperation with the unity of a special nature.
Eng. / Ghada Taha is printing a periodical, entitled: (Sport Performance Bulletin) through the Internet and sent it to the library monthly.
Preparing for Friends Library Association
Imaging services at low cost
Electronic Card

Complaints Fund
Exams Bank for undergraduate and graduate phases which is a compilation of most of the exams which were at faculty and all departments during previous years.

Learning English language
Books of latest special programs including TOEFL lessons, exercises and tests.

Visitors' registration
Visitors were registered through records of the faculty, faculty members, assistants, graduate students, and visitors to the library from outside the faculty.

Way to receive complaints
The Faculty has adopted a system for dealing with complaints of female students (Faculty Board's resolution) taking into account the confidentiality of the complaint, and the speed of deciding on the complaint.
Mechanism of Complaints Fund: complaint is delivered writing and signed on behalf of the student
The committee in charge of the fund opens every Monday to collect complaints
The Board of Directors of the complaints Fund examines complaints weekly to solve problems
The need to inform the student with the result within 10 days.
Should inform Library with student complaint to solve problems