Qualifying exam for PhD degree is extensive discussions of the scientific aspects and touching the humanity and ethical sides and comprehensive knowledge of any thing related to the appointed specialization subject from near or far and with neutral. scholars views are accepted and even their diligence and new analytical opinions are  welcomed and this is done in an academic atmosphere prevailed in anticipation and preparedness to pass this meeting, which must be considered from the perspective of the student and the Committee of Examiners as a starting point and a promising add for student and his university. This is often done through oral discussions unless the specialization required essay writing or anything like that.The information acquiring and memorization tests and manual and clinical and other skills evaluations are supposed to be through courses that start after registration for the degree and coincide with the student work in the thesis.

  Qualifying exam aims to measure student's ability to link events and explain scientific concepts related to his academic program and to measure his thinking skill. Thus, qualifying exam does not aim to re-test student in courses he has already successfully passed.

The student applies for the qualifying exam after registration for the research plan or thesis subject at any time but not to discuss the thesis only after successfully passing the qualifying exam.

Qualifying exam committee consists of an odd number of three or five professors to be among them Professor of student supervisors.
- It is allowed in the examination committee to include members from outside the specialty or from outside the faculty / Institute or from outside the university provided that external members should not exceed one member in case of tripartite committee or two in the case of quintuplet committee and may participate assistant professors in the examination committee in case of extreme necessity.
- If student does not pass the qualifying exam he has the right to know the reasons for not passing the exam through the committee decision which must be justified in that case.

- If student does not pass the qualifying exam he should request to the department to allow him to apply for the exam again and this to be three months at least from the date of entering the previous exam and in front of the same committee. In case of repeated fail, student is allowed to apply to a new committee formed by a new proposal from the department board and approved by specialized councils.