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As part of the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science at Alexandria University celebration of the Egyptian Diplomacy Day on the 15th of March each year, and under the auspices of Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of the University, the Faculty organized a symposium entitled "Egyptian Foreign Policy and the Current Transformations in International Politics". The guest speaker of the symposium was Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and it was moderated by Dr. Mamdouh Mansour, Head of the Department of Political Science at the faculty, in the presence of a group of professors, faculty members, assistant staff, and students from the Departments of Economics and Political Science.
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In his speech, Dr. Ahmed Wahban, Dean of the Faculty, welcomed the guest speaker, pointing out the goal of the meeting, which is to introduce new generations of students to the national and historical role of its loyal men, and the pivotal role played by Egyptian diplomacy since the re-establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt on March 15, 1922 at the two levels; Regional and international, emphasizing the high efficiency of Egyptian diplomacy with all its authentic national cadres. Dr. Wahban emphasized that Egyptian diplomacy has succeeded over the past decades in overcoming many challenges, adapting to international changes, and establishing balanced relations with all countries of the world. He pointed out that the basics that Egyptian diplomacy enjoys in its policy, being always based on a balance between principles and interests.
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In his lecture, Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi began his speech by expressing his pleasure for visiting the Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Sciences, Alexandria University, where seven of its graduates joined the Egyptian diplomatic corps at the beginning of this year, which is considered a sign of success for the faculty and conclusive evidence of the quality and efficiency of its education. The ambassador gave a number of advice to students to pass the Ministry of Foreign Affairs exams, foremost of which is the need to master at least two foreign languages, in addition to full proficiency in the Arabic language, and good knowledge of international law and history, stressing that diligence and competence are the only criteria for passing the exams of the diplomatic corps. He gave a definition of foreign policy and diplomacy, referring to the pivotal role that diplomacy plays in our daily lives and its direct impact on the internal affairs of states. Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi stressed that the Egyptian state is walking on a very delicate balance between principles and interests, which requires a very great deal of accuracy and professionalism. He stressed that Egypt's geographical location is primarily a strategic location and that the Suez Canal is a strategic added value, especially with the increasing geo-strategic importance of the Red Sea. As for the Egyptian foreign policy towards the strategic neighbourhood, the ambassador pointed out that Egypt's foreign policy with the strategic neighbouring countries depends on the policy of peace, building stability and development.
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Ambassador El-Orabi emphasized that Egyptian diplomacy is certainly capable of keeping pace with all changes taking place in the international arena with efficiency, perfection, and a calm and balanced manner.
The symposium ended with an open discussion and questions from the students and faculty members who were answered by the guest of the meeting.
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