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During the Postgraduate Studies and Research Council held yesterday, Tuesday the 22nd of November 2022, Dr. Ashraf El-Ghandour announced the preparation of a marketing plan for the services provided by the Central Library and the Alexandria University Collections Museum, to introduce students and researchers to the scientific services provided by the Central Library at Alexandria University, and the scientific treasures located in the Alexandria University Museum.
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* Dr. El-Ghandour indicated that the central library contains a hall for theoretical treatises, the electronic services unit, the electronic theses department, the digitization department, manuscripts and heritage books, and added that the Alexandria University Collections Museum contains a hall for Alexandria University, a map for the establishment of the University of Alexandria in El-Hadra area in 1912, and a collection of maps and atlases of Alexandria, Egypt, and the world. The museum also contains special display units for the huge foreign publication in French about Egypt: L’Egypte by Fred Boisonnass, dedicated to King Fuad, and there are only limited copies of it. It also contains the first edition of the French Expedition’s Description of Egypt (1809) written by the French campaign’s savants, including volumes of paintings and photographs. In addition, the museum has a special hall for the city of Alexandria that includes photo albums from the year 1881, an encyclopaedia of Alexandria and Egypt in handwriting, and some paintings and pictures of Alexandria.

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* The museum also has a special section on the Ottoman Empire, that includes huge volumes depicting scenes from life in the Ottoman era, a group of Ottoman firmans, albums, Ottoman decorated manuscripts, a group of Shahani firmans issued to the rulers and khedives of Egypt from 1597 AD to 1904 AD, which were collected by order of King Fuad I, and a group of glass frames of manuscripts of various subjects and languages written on parchment. Another part of the museum is the personalities corner that contains a collection of belongings from important historical personalities. The religious manuscripts section in the museum contains rare copies of the Quran, the oldest of which dates to the 9th Century of Hijra. It also contains manuscripts in the branches of the Islamic doctrine (interpretation, jurisprudence, hadiths, and prophetic biography). Hall 3 contains a variety of heritage books and early publications in history and geography, as well as maps and albums of various fields, some of which were distributed inside the display units in the hall, while others are in storage units to be used by the readers.
• Dr. El-Ghandour also announced that the process of receiving scientific research will be transferred from the International Scientific Publishing Office at the Faculty of Science in Muharram Bey to the Library Affairs Department building on Horreya Road, in order to facilitate the procedure for researchers at Alexandria University.
• The Council approved the framework agreement for international university cooperation between the University of Alexandria and the University of Caen-Normandy in France.
• The Council also approved a proposal for cooperation between Alexandria University (Faculty of Commerce - Department of Business Administration) and J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University, USA.
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