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On Monday the 4th of December 2023, Professor Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, received a delegation from Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (ZYUFL) in China, headed by Dr. Fei Junqing, President of the University, to discuss ways of cooperation and sign a letter of intent in preparation for signing a joint protocol to enhance research and academic cooperation between both sides. The meeting was attended by Dr. Saeed Allam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Dr. Hisham Saeed, Acting Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Hani Khamis, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, as well as officials of the University’s Office of International Relations, and a delegation from the Faculty of Arts.
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In his speech, Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa stressed the university’s keenness to cooperate with Zhejiang Yuexiu University, and to prepare a protocol to enhance this cooperation, which includes receiving students from Zhejiang University to study for a year at Alexandria University and to study for two years by establishing a double degree with a 2+2 system for students at the bachelor’s level in accordance with the university governing rules.
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In addition, cooperation will include the exchange of professors with the Chinese Language Department at the Faculty of Arts and receiving Chinese students to study the Arabic language for foreigners through the Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language Centre (TAFL), as well as cooperation at the postgraduate level and receiving students wishing to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees.
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For his part, Dr. Fei Junqing expressed his pleasure for being at Alexandria University and welcomed cooperation with the prestigious Alexandria University through a joint project with the Arabic Language Department at the Faculty of Arts, through sending Chinese students to study the Arabic language and Arab culture and cooperation in several different fields. He also called for a visit to Zhejiang Yuexiu University learn about the Arabic Language Department at the university.
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While the Faculty of Arts delegation reviewed the available opportunities provided by the Faculty to Chinese students through its Arabic and Chinese Language, as both departments witnessed a remarkable turnout this year from students due to their good international reputation in the People’s Republic of China. The Faculty of Arts representatives in the meeting explained that the Languages and Translation Unit provides a preparatory course and supplementary materials for Chinese students so that they can deal with the scientific material presented to them, and study Arabic grammar, rhetoric, literature, and Islamic studies. In addition, the TAFL Centre also offers Arabic language courses at multiple levels according to the students’ needs, as well as providing cultural activities for Chinese students such as painting, music, and Arabic calligraphy. The Chinese Language Department receives visiting professors and students from various Chinese universities. One of the department’s graduates won the Arabic Language Award at Peking University at the level of the Arab world. The Chinese language was also included as one of the languages in which the Academic Journal of the Faculty of Arts is published.
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