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Under the auspices of Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, the Faculty of Science organized the eleventh employment forum, at the college’s stadiums in Muharram Bey, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Amani Ismail, acting dean of the faculty, and Dr. Sameh Riad, Head of the Central Administration of the Environmental Affairs Agency in Alexandria, and Dr. Mohamed Muharram, Vice President of the Businessmen Association, and Dr. Yasser Al-Najjar, General Manager of Laboratories at Aspic Company, the professors, the college deputies, the representatives of the departments of the industrial companies and the bodies participating in the forum, the Alumni Association, and a number of the faculty members and their assistants, and the college’s graduates and students.
The day’s activities began with an opening lecture by Dr. Diaa El-Din Mohamed, founder and CEO of Mass Healthcare Company for manufacturing detergents and cosmetics, entitled: “Jousor-bridges to opportunities.” This was followed by the opening of exhibitions for a group of companies, namely: Al-Sukari Gold Mines Company - Centamin, and Promotion Tire Manufacturing Company. Ezz El Dekheila Iron and Steel Company, Covaris Packaging Egypt Company, Egyptian Petrochemical Company, Alexandria Specialized Petroleum Products Company (ASPEC), Mido Modern Paints Company, Container Engineering Company, Vitabiotics Company, and the American Chemistry Society (Egyptian Chapter), with the participation of the Businessmen Association. , Pyramakers Technologies, the Holding Company for Drinking Water, the Sanitation Company, the National Telecommunications Institute, the Institute of Information and Communications Technology, the Egyptian Telecommunications Company, Dr. Lab. Mustafa Murad, Skills Dynamix New Horizons, Get In Technology Company, Dr. Laboratories. Asmaa Fawzi, VI Markets Company - Egypt, Lakes and Fish Resources Protection and Development Authority, and units of a special nature at the college.
The day witnessed an unprecedented large presence of graduates, students, and those interested in the subject of employment and training at the fairgrounds with the participating companies and the opening lecture. The day’s activities ended with the organization of 3 workshops for graduates at the fairgrounds, delivered by: Dr. Heba Salama, Scientific Research Ambassador for the German Authority for Scientific Exchange at Alexandria University and Undersecretary for Community Service Affairs. And environmental development at the University’s Faculty of Agriculture, entitled: “Studying in Germany and the DAAD funding opportunities”, and Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali - General Manager of Operations at Alexandria Mineral Oil Company (AMOC), entitled “Skills necessary to work in the petroleum sector”, and Engineer/ Mahmoud Aouf. - Director of Training at the Information Technology Institute (ITI), Alexandria Branch, and Director of the Institute’s Artificial Intelligence Department, entitled “Road map to develop your skills and employment opportunities.

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