Article (1):

Student is proceed from the class he is enrolled in to next class if he succeeded in all courses or fail in only two courses in the enrolled in class or lower class. In the latter case, the student repeat the exam he had failed in with students of the previous class while the final year students who failed with no more than two courses, an exam will be held for them for failed in courses during September. If they failed again, the exam they failed in will be repeated at the end of the course semester.

Article (2)

The Faculty Board can accept students who obtain bachelor's degree in commerce in one of the specialization majors in the faculty in order to obtain bachelor's degree in commerce in other majors after approval from the concerned department.

students who wish to repeat specialization in another major are exempted of the courses they have already successfully passed its exam in the third year and exemption decision to be taken by the Rector after the approval of the Education and Student Affairs Council upon a proposal from the Faculty Board and after taking the opinion of the department board or concerned departments boards.Exemption is not allowable for any course in the fourth year

Article (3)

Faculty Board can accept registration of the students who obtained high school or one of technical school or a recognized university degree in order to get a bachelor's degree in Commerce (Business and Finance division) in accordance with Open Education system and based on the study plan.

Open Education courses in the Faculty of Commerce