Registration requirements:

It is required for the student to register for PhD in addition to the conditions contained in Article (5) that:

1. Student must have obtained Master's degree in Commerce in specialization discipline from one of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.

2. Faculty Board can accept student's registration who has obtained a Master's degree in a different specialization up on a proposal from Department Board and in case of approving a number of supplementary courses of Bachelor's level or higher the department considers necessary, student should pass it successfully. This should be in such a manner that the number of those courses does not exceed four courses with a condition that it is not a prerequisite for compulsory courses. In Case of the supplementary courses are more than four courses, the student must study a qualifying year to success in these courses as a condition to be enrolled in the program. Those courses are not counted for the student in program hours.

3. Comprehensive Exam is held for the student in specialization after passing the courses successfully with cumulative grade point average not less than C+ or the student shall register in additional courses or repeat some courses to improve the average grade.

The comprehensive exam aims to measure student ability to understand main specialization subjects and branched supporting specializations. And aims to measure student's methodology to contemplate, analyze, conclude and suggest proper solutions for queried questions. After passing the comprehensive exam, student applies to register for thesis subject. The comprehensive exam mechanism is applied for Doctorate degree according to University Council decree no. 12 for 2009

4. Student displays research plan to the Department Board in a seminar before applying for thesis registration.

5. Obtaining the International Computer Driving License ICDL and determining the level of foreign language are two conditions to be enrolled in Doctorate degree according to the organizing decisions issued by the University Council. Student who had previously obtained it is exempted.

6. After student had passed all courses successfully with an average grade CGPA of at least C+ and finished thesis subject, a validity report is submitted to department board.

7. The Doctorate Degree is conferred to student who passed discussion of their scientific thesis and all requirements upon department proposal and the agreement of faculty council and the cumulative grade points average CGPA is not marked in doctorate certificate.


Hours of study for the program:

In order for the student to obtain a doctorate degree, he must study 24 credit hours in addition 24 hours for the thesis.

List of credit hours of the courses:

  • 12 credit hour as compulsory courses.
  • 12 credit hour as elective courses with at least one of them from outside the department or faculty.




Supervisory Authority:

1. Up on a proposal of department board, Faculty Board approves the formation committee supervising on the student registered for Ph.D. degree in accordance with the research plan in the department. Committee is formed of professors or professor assistants so as the number of supervisors does not exceed three members. Student can choose from number of raised research topics in accordance with rules of each specialization.

2. It is allowed that one of the professionals who have Ph.D. or experience in the specialization field from out side the university can join supervision committee after Faculty Board approval. At any case the number of supervisors does not exceed four members and the main supervisor must be from the university

3. In case of traveling of any supervisor who has less than one year on supervision so Faculty Board can remove his name from the Supervisory Committee on the proposal of the Department Board.

4. In case of traveling of the supervisor after one year of registration so he should submit a scientific report on student progress during supervision period on the thesis and to be signed by the other supervisors (if any) with his right to continue supervision and it is allowable that the internal supervisors validity report is sufficient.

5. The supervisors on thesis write periodical reports on student progress every six months from the date of registration for research plan and is signed by the Supervisory Committee combined. In case of committee members' opinions dissimilarity, the scientific department studies the situation and takes the proper decision. Reports are approved by the department board and Graduate Studies Committee in the faculty and the student is notified through graduate management with the Supervision Committee opinion on the extent of his progress in the thesis (To continue registration or warning the student with thesis registration canceling).

6. Student's registration is canceled if three periodic reports were issued stating that his performance is not satisfactory, after sending him three written warnings or if student scientific dishonesty was certainty approved up on a report from the supervisor(supervisors) approved by Department Board and then Faculty Board.


The jury:

After preparing the thesis, the Supervisory Committee submits with the following to the relevant department board in preparation of submission to the Faculty Board:

1. Report on thesis validity to discussion indicating what he the researcher had done, and is signed by all supervisors. Also supervisory committee introduces a proposal to form the judging panel for the thesis.

2. Up on the proposal of the relevant Department Board, the Faculty Board forms the judging panel on the thesis of three members, one of them is thesis supervisor and the other two members to be a professor from distinct international universities and committee head is the oldest professors and. In case of multiple supervisors they can involve in the committee but have one vote. It is allowable that the both members or one of them are of the former professors or those who in their scientific level of specialists provided that at least one from distinct international universities. Judging panel formation is approved of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research

3. Discussion can be accomplished in the presence of a representative of the Supervisory Committee in the jury if other supervisors can not attend.

4. If the thesis did not discussed within three months from the date of university approval to form the jury, committee approval is repeated with the same members again and the period may be extended for four months if foreign examiner joined. If the committee did not set, committee formation is changed with another committee.

5. The jury can recommend giving thesis back to the researcher to complete any lack committee see and to submit a collective report to the related department to recommend granting an extra period to complete its observations within six months as maximum from the date of the discussion provided the jury or who authorized shall agree to approve the thesis.

 Compulsory courses

Credit hours

Course name

Course code



Political Theory



The general theory of international relations




Political Systems




Foreign Policy



Elective courses

 Credit hours

Course name

Course code



Egyptian political system




Regimes in the Middle East




Comparative Politics




Public opinion and the media




Principles of the Islamic regime




Egyptian Foreign Policy




Foreign policies of the Third World




Management of International Conflict




Middle Eastern problems




International organization theory




Human Rights




Course from outside the department or faculty