Applicant must hold a Doctor degree in science (D. Sc.) as follows:

1- Obtaining a Doctor degree from the Faculty of Science since fifteen years at least from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt or equivalent degree from universities and foreign institutes.

2- To submit published innovative research for Doctor or master's degree in science. And the applicant should show the general trends of research, as well his joint researches.

3- Submit a statement to supervise the thesis for master's and doctoral degrees and its role in supervising in English language.

4- Submit a statement of scientific activities and innovative researches that shows the new additions in science.

5- Scientific production presented in English language must be included the content of scientific research.

6- Clarify the role of the applicant in all research in English.

7- Writing the number of citations.

Scientific production being display on Doctoral Commission in science at faculty, which consists of Prof.Dr. / Dean of the Faculty, professors, and Chairman of the concerned department (unless one of them is the applicant himself, then be chosen another professor from the same department), and professors who received doctorates in science at the faculty.

Faculty Council discusses the validity of scientific research provided by the applicant for submission to the judging panel, and Faculty Council nominates a Committee of three professors from Egyptians universities or teachers from universities and scientific institutes for judging, and who obtaining the degree (D.Sc.) or (FRS) Fellow of Royal Society.

Members of judging Committee provide individual reports about the authenticity of specialization of the applicant and the validity of the scientific production by the consensus of members' views of judging Committee.

In the case of non-adoption of granting the degree the applicant can apply for the degree again after five years from the date of submission for the first time by providing new procedures.