1.   After the approval of Faculty/Institute’s Council and upon the suggestion of the department’s board, the student is permitted to transfer a number of courses he had studied at another university provided that these courses are among those required to obtain the degree and that he had passed with a grade not less than C or equivalent with the the following conditions
(A) The total number of hours of these courses should not exceed 30% of the total hours of courses required to obtain the degree.
(B)  The transferred courses should not be previously studied counted for another scientific degree.
(C)  The credit hours transferred from another university do not counted in the cumulative average of points GPA

2.   A registered student for one of graduate programs may transfer any courses he had passed with a grade not less than C or equivalent at Alexandria University in the continuous education program or in any other unfinished program, if these courses are among the requirements of the program and these hours are counted in the average cumulated points GPA provided that it was studied no more than five years between passing the course and obtaining Diploma or Master degree while no more than seven years for PhD degree.