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The Council of the University of Alexandria in Matrouh Branch, headed by Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdo, Vice President for Matrouh branch congratulated at its meeting held, yesterday, at the headquarters of the province and in the presence of Major General / Alaa Abu Zeid, Governor of Matrouh, Dr. Mustafa Nagar on the occasion of the renewal of his appointment as the academic coordinator of the branch of the university in Matrouh, and Dr. Ragab Murad, acting dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Soha Ameen, acting dean of Faculty of kindergarten, and Magda Habashy, to renew her appointment, general supervisor of the Faculty of Education, and Dr. Dalal Abdel Hady, acting Dean of hotel management, and Dr. Mohammed Sharaf, as acting Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Nevin Rezk, acting dean of the Faculty of Nursing, also congratulated everyone for the starting of the new academic year