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The Faculty of Dentistry - Alexandria University celebrated the graduation of the second batch of Bachelor of Dentistry of credit hours system (the International Program) on Thursday, 2 June 2016.

During the celebration, Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of the university assured in his speech the university commitment to communicate with the students and provide support with all educational means to produce a new generation at the highest level.

Prof. Dr. Tarek Mahmood, Dean of the Faculty stated that the ceremony will include honoring 33 alumni with bachelor's degree from countries (Egypt - Malaysia - Kuwait). He mentioned that the total number of students of the International Program with credit hours is more than 300 students while the duration of study is 5 Years.


The ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abaza, University Deputy for Matrouh Branch, Prof. Dr.  Ibrahim Mokhles, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Sahar El Sheikh, Deputy of the Faculty of Dentistry for Education and Students Affairs and Dr. Nevin Shawky, the Executive Director of credit hours program in addition to a large number of professors of the Faculty of Dentistry and students families.


Dr. Rushdy Zahran, President of Alexandria University declared that the total number of faculties and institutes of Alexandria University, which was accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education became 11 faculty and institute.

This came after the meeting held in the Faculty of Engineering with Prof. Dr. Johansen Eid, the Manager of NAQAAE on the occasion of opening of a branch of the authority in AU. During the meeting, it was announced that the Higher Institute of Public Health obtained the accreditation.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Essam El-Kurdi the University Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development, Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Konswa; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Ashraf

Nazem; Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Dr. Kamal Metwalli, Director of Quality Assurance Center of AU and a group of teaching staff members.

Within the framework of the efforts of the Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria, for the continued development and advancement of the educational process, Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of the university, opened, on Sunday morning, February 14th, 2016, a Psychology Laboratory in the Faculty. This is after its development and the preparation of its infrastructure in full, as well as Measurement and Evaluation Unit at the Faculty. It includes the establishment of question banks for the curricula of the participating departments’ programs up to 40 curricula and the application of electronic testing and correction to more than 4,000 students of these departments in addition to the preparation of code of ethics for students’ evaluation systems. That is in addition to the preparation of faculty members to apply the optimal use of question banks and do exams to measure learning outcomes besides the preparation of students capable to solve electronic tests. Furthermore, the unit includes implementation of the first electronic monitoring committee in the Faculty this year.

Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, in his speech on this occasion, pointed out that the University includes 13 units of measurement and evaluation. In addition, it seeks the to complete them to be available in faculties and institutes. He also praised the role of the Faculty of Arts in the continuous development by automating and correcting exams electronically through a fair, accurate, objective and transparent system. Furthermore, the University President pointed to the need to complete the development of the Psychology Lab to involve the usage of the electronic experiments systems in educating students and the development of display systems.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Suleiman, the Faculty Dean, discussed the role of the unit of measurement and evaluation and Psychology Lab after its development in improving students' quality to get them to the desired quality standards. He added that the Faculty got correspondence and documents Automation Project of the Ministry of Communications which will have a very positive impact on raising the Faculty to a higher level in the speed and accuracy of exchanging information.

The opening was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abaza, Vice President for Matrouh branch, Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and the Faculty deputies and professors.



Dr. Sediq Abdul Salam, Vice President of Alexandria University for graduate studies and research, recently opened the events of the thirty-fourth annual conference of the Faculty of Medicine on "integration in medical practice," which is organized by the Faculty for three days under the auspices of Dr. Rushdi Zahran, President of the University, and headed by Dr. Ibrahim Mokhles, the Faculty Dean. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Dr. Sediq Abdul Salam stressed importance of integration between the various medical specialties to the upgrading of medical profession and achievement of better results in the treatment of many diseases.  In addition, Dr. Ibrahim Mokhles delivered a lecture on "team-building" in which he stressed the Faculty’s interest in developing medical education and research laboratories, upgrading hospitals and raising university graduates’ level indicating that mechanization of all university hospitals will occur within two years. The conference addresses the importance of integration between different medical specialties in the treatment of common diseases in Egypt through the discussion of 45 joint researches between different Faculty of Medicine departments on liver and heart diseases, breast cancer, tumors of children, organs transplantation disease and sleep apnea. The Faculty students and deputies also participate in the submission of research. The opening of the conference in the presence of Dr. Hind Hanafi, former President of the University, the Faculty deputies and members, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, and head of Medical Association in Alexandria. On the sidelines of the conference, racing and cycling marathons are held on Friday morning where the Faculty students and members participate. The marathon starts from Gleem and ends at the Faculty of Medicine complex in Al Azareeta. Balozarath. Prizes are awarded for the winners in the marathon as well as the participants

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Alexandria University Council for Community Service and Environment Development during its meeting held on Wednesday 21 September 2016 under the chairmanship of Dr. Essam El-Kurdi, the university deputy for Community Service and Environment Development and acting president of the university was informed that the Supreme Council of Universities and adopted the professional Diploma in Reproductive Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. The Supreme Council also approved the new internal regulation of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research with credit hours system.