Faculty News


Dr. Mohammad Ismail Abdo, Vice President of Alexandria University for Matroh Branch Affairs stated that the student is the core of the educational process so that development programs of the higher education should be directed to the student as the principle output of higher education. He indicated that AU is characterized by distinct educational programs in undergraduate and graduate levels and confers many joint degrees in collaboration with world universities.

That came during the symposium organized by the Committee of Higher Education Reform Experts H.E.R.E. in the conference hall of the Faculty of Medicine.

The symposium was attended by deans, deputies and faculty members of Alexandria University and other Egyptian universities.

Dr. Ismail added that higher education reform must address several items: education, students, graduates, faculty members, scientific research, community service and the development of the environment.

Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam, Vice-President of AU for Graduate Studies and Research declared that big universities focus its curricula and programs on the student and called to develop the pre-university education by developing appropriate curricula for the labor environment.

Dr. Yasser El-Shayeb, Director of the National Agency EU Programs NEO declared that the H.E.R.E committee is a selected group of Egyptian professors to perform continued development and researches with big universities in the European Union. He also stated that during 2017 a number of workshops will be held on medical education and students’ development.

The symposium included some presentations delivered by committee members on higher education reform issues.




The Faculty of Medicine – Alexandria University organizes a workshop about the Egyptian Knowledge Bank on Sunday 10th of September at 10:00 am. The workshop will be held in Conferences Hall in the faculty building. The workshop will be delivered by Mr. Mahmoud Daood the Manager of Marketing and training in Liberary Information System Company and Coordinator of Training in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi signed an assignment decree for Dr. Mohamed Omar Hammad Abu Dohh the Deputy of the Faculty of Commerce to be the Acting Dean beside his current job.


Prof. Mohamed Bahy El-Din, the Deputy of the Faculty of Agriculture for Education and Students Affairs declared that the faculty will publish the results of second semester exams on its website on Sunday 16th of July 2017.

He also stated that complains will be received through the Student Affairs Department as well registration for summer exams starting from Sunday 17th of July 2017.


Dr. Abd Al Aziz Konsowa, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University opened the nuclear week organized by the faculty in participate with the Authority of Nuclear Plants, the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority ( EAEA), Nuclear Materials Authority, Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority and State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Dr. Hanaa Abo Gabal, the Head of the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering declared that the nuclear week discuss peaceful uses of nuclear power specifically the nuclear power plants and focusing on the Egyptian project to establish nuclear power plant in Dabaa. Rosatom Company will hold and exhibition about nuclear power uses trough the nuclear week where several lectures will be delivered.