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The Council of Graduate Studies and Research at Alexandria University during its latest meeting headed by Dr. Hisham Gaber adopted the memorandum of understanding between the Faculty of Dentistry in Alexandria University and the Faculty of Dentistry in University of Genoa, Italy.

The Council also adopted the agreement of cooperation between the Faculy of Engineering and the German University of  Otto Gioric Magdberg, and adopted the proposed memorandum of understanding between the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum, Sudan.

The Council also discussed plans to develop joint academic pograms between Alexandria University and international universities worldwide. The council also decided to hold a workshop to discuss these proposals in detail.


Dr. Hisham Gaber, Vice-President of Alexandria University for Education and Students Affairs stated that the university considers student activities in front of its concerns and provides all the capabilities that allow students to practice various activities in all fields. He indicated that most of the outstanding students in the study are already involved in students activities.

AU vice president praised the effort has been made by the university leaders and the Administration of Youth Care to organize students activities as that effort has resulted in the university students win the first place in many activities over several years.

This came during the inauguration of the carnival of AU faculties Scout teams which included raising the flag of the Republic and flag of the university. The event  was held in the complex of theoritical faculties on Tuesday, 13 October 2017. Dr. Gaber also  praised the values of scout like volunteering and commitment.

The event was attended by deans and deputies of AU faculties and Dr. Mohammad Al Fayoumi, the former dean of the Faculty of Commerce and founder of the Scout Movement in the university.


The 14th International scientific Nursing conference

Nursing Role In Leading And Advancing The Global Health

10th-11th of December 2017



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Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi and Mr. Karim El-Safty, the Regional Manager of International Academy of Advanced Research and Studies in the Middle East have recently signed the agreement of international joint activities between Alexandria University and the Academy in collaboration with Pearson Company "the largest accreditation body of the United Kingdom". The agreement was signed in presence of Dr. Hisham Gaber and Dr. Mohammad Ismail the deputies of Alexandria University, and Mr. Ahmed Ismail the Director of Pearson in Egypt.

The agreement aims to create joint international programs for education and training in the field of health and social care development in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also aims to support and activation of Alexandria University initiative to establish the Medical Council of the university, as well as awarding the bachelor's degree in Health Care Management from the University of North Hampton in UK. These programs are designed to meet the needs of labor market through providing high-quality education internationally recognized certificates in addition to improving the quality of knowledge and skills acquired by the students.

Dr. Kurdi declared that the Medical Council approved the establishment of the Faculty of Medical and Technological Sciences in Burg Al Arab. He added that the university is about to submit the project proposal to the Supreme Council of Universities and other entities for study and evaluation.

The Rector said that the two sides agreed to expand cooperation to include engineering and commerce fields.

A celebration was held on the occasion of the signing of agreement in British consulate in Alexandria with the presence of Ms. Wendy Freeman; Britain's consul general in Alexandria.


Alexandria University President Dr. Essam El-Kurdi congratulated Dr. Khadiga Abdel Aziz Ismail for the republican decree of assignment as the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.