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Prof. Dr. Rushdi Zahran, head of the University of Alexandria received Dr. Chidi Ebi, professor of geochemistry and petroleum at the University of Port Harcourt & technical expert of the United Nations and Dr. Mahmoud Hassan Ahmed, deputy chairman of the Egyptian Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences.
During the meeting, they discussed the establishment of a joint degree between the Universities of Alexandria and the Nigerian Port Harcourt for training in the field of remote sensing and space science, and the possibility of establishing a joint professional diploma in cooperation with the General Authority for Remote Sensing at the University of Alexandria.


The University of Alexandria mourned with grief the death of the Egyptian peerless Nobel-winning chemist / Ahmed Zewail who dead in the USA after a long illness, and the entire world is grieved over losing one of the hardworking pioneering scientist who left the humanity a huge heritage of scientific discoveries.

God have mercy on the deceased soul rest in peace and his usefulness as far as to humanity of beneficial knowledge, and inspired his family and his family and colleagues and disciples and loved ones in Egypt and throughout the world at large, patience and fortitude.

In our prayers, we ask that God grant him eternal rest and we called upon youth to follow in his footsteps to benefit the human race.

A delegation from Alexandria University headed by Prof. Dr. Essam El Kurdi, Vice President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environment Development is currently visiting China. The delegation visited the School of Foreign Languages at Shanghai Jiao Tong University to discuss ways of cooperation between the two sides especially in the new program of the Arab language. The delegation visited the central library of Jiao Tong University where Prof. Dr. Essam El Kurdi delivered a lecture on the Alexandria University, Silk Road and cooperation with China. The lecture was attended by more than 100 Chinese student studying Arabic language in this university which is the largest university in China in terms of the number of students studying Arabic language with 600 students.

Prof. Dr. Ghada Mousa Deputy of the Faculty of Arts talked about the Faculty of Arts and its mission, educational and research objectives, vision and its role in community service.


Prof. Dr. Lanna Habib, the Director of TAFL Center (Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language) in the Faculty of Arts provided an overview of the Center and its educational and cultural role foreign students of from all the world.

The Faculty of Nursing - Alexandria University organized the international scientific conference on nursing care science in the Great Hall of the conference center – Semouha, in the period from 4 to 5 January 2016.

The conference launched under the title of “Infection control and personal hygiene” under auspices of Dr. Rushdi Zahran President of the University and Dr. Maha Adel Salem, Dean of the Faculty.

The importance of the conference is its main emphasis of effective contribution to the development of the nursing career and raising the level of nursing care with the participation of educational institutions from Egypt and Arab and foreign countries. The Conference focused on highlighting the importance of infection control and patients health, exchanging scientific expertise at local and global level that aim to control the infection and personal hygiene.


Participants from several Arab and European universities attended the conference including Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Sweden, Italy and Czechoslovakia. The attended the opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Ezzat Khamis, the former university deputy and the coordinator of TEMPS project also in addition to faculty deputies and deans of some Faculties of Nursing in Egypt and many of faculty members, assisting staff and employees.

Within the framework of the presidential initiative sponsored by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, planned and financed by the Presidential Advisory Council for Education and Scientific Research.

Dr. Ashraf Hatem, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Universities, declared that the working group of Digital Libraries Unit had conducted some training and education sessions in collaboration with the Presidential Advisory Council within the framework of the activities of the Egyptian knowledge Bank, beside the activities carried out by Digital Libraries Unit in all universities.

The initiative aims to build the Egyptian Knowledge Bank that seeks to unify subscription to international periodicals and data bases, and to provide information sources, research and scientific studies via one electronic portal.

The Secretary-General the Supreme Council of Universities called the working groups of Digital Libraries Units to cooperate with the Digital Libraries Units of the Supreme Council to establish information and training sessions for faculty members and researchers at universities to achieve maximum profit of available sources through the Knowledge Bank.